Located in the scenic Hudson River Valley of Orange County, only 50 miles from New York City, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point is a four-year academic institution and a nationally-renowned historic site. The undergraduates, known as Cadets, are commissioned as officers in the US Army upon graduation. You can watch them on parade or competing as intercollegiate athletes in a wide range of sporting events. As a military installation, West Point is a small, self-contained city. The cost of living is high in this area. The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates are higher at West Point than in other parts of the country. West Point Automated Directory Attendants Service: 845-938-4011.


West Point's role in our nation's history dates back to the Revolutionary War, when the strategic importance of the commanding plateau on the west bank of the Hudson River was identified. General George Washington considered West Point to be the most important strategic position in America. Washington personally selected Thaddeus Kosciuszko, one of the heroes of Saratoga, to design the fortifications for West Point in l778, and Washington transferred his headquarters to West Point in l779. Continental soldiers built forts, batteries and redoubts, and extended a 150 ton iron chain across the Hudson to control river traffic. Fortress West Point was never captured by the British, despite Benedict Arnold's treason. West Point is the oldest continuously occupied military post in America. For more information, go to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point homepage.


The purpose of the United States Military Academy is to provide the Nation with leaders of character who serve the common defense. In order to achieve its purpose, the United States Military Academy educates, trains, and inspires the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country; professional growth throughout a career as an officer in the United States Army; and a lifetime of selfless service to the nation.

Population Served

The United States Military Academy at West Point graduates approximately 1,000 new officers annually, which represents approximately 25 percent of 2nd lieutenants required by the Army each year. The student body numbers approximately 4,600. In addition to the Corps of Cadets, West Point is home to approximately 1,200 active duty soldiers and 2,800 family members. Supporting the mission of the Academy is a civilian workforce of 4,200 personnel.
The U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School, known as USMAPS, the Prep School or West Point Prep, was relocated to the US Military Academy grounds in 2011.  The student body numbers approximately 200.

On Post Shuttle Service

West Point Shuttle service (the CPA Express) is free to everyone on or visiting West Point. This includes but is not limited to Soldiers, Cadets, employees, contractors and visitors. While this service is available to all, priority will be given to official business passengers. The shuttle is available between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday except federal holidays. The shuttle arrives and departs from its seven different locations approximately every 15 minutes and the last shuttle departs from the Library Corner at 6 p.m. For a more convenient way to track the shuttle, download the App to your smart phone or tablet. For more information visit www.westpoint.army.mil and select “Community” and “Shuttle & Taxi” from the drop down menu. For a more convenient way to track the shuttle, download the App to your smart phone or tablet: »App for Android products »App for Apple products. The Ride Systems app shows bus riders where the bus is and when it will pick them up. It provides live location of buses, arrival predictions, and other important bus route information.



Sponsorship processing begins upon receipt of reassignment notification and ends when the Soldier and/or family has successfully integrated into the unit, installation and community. Units should try to match sponsors and service members by rank and family status.
All incoming Soldiers in the grades of E1-E6, O1-O3, and W1-W2 are required to have a sponsor assigned by their gaining unit prior to arriving at West Point. Those Soldiers must request a sponsor by logging in to the Act Sponsorship Module (www.actnow.army.mil) and completing Sections 1, 2, 4, and 5 of the DA Form 5434 at the current unit.

Those Soldiers in the grades of E7-E9, O4-O10 and W3-W5 are not required, but can request a Sponsor by logging in to the Act Sponsorship Module (www.actnow.army.mil) and completing Sections 1, 2, 4, and 5 of the DA Form 5434 at the current unit.

A sponsor will be assigned in the ACT Sponsorship Module within 120 days of the report date. The Soldier will be then contacted by his/her newly assigned unit and sponsor. A Soldier's sponsor should arrange to meet with him/her upon arrival. If this is not possible, the sponsor will instruct the Soldier to begin in-processing by reporting to the Unit Commander or S1 Office.
Newly arrived Soldiers are required to complete the in-processing survey no later than 45 days after arrival to gaining command in the ACT Sponsorship Module.

Temporary Quarters

During peak transition months, May through September, the wait for on-post housing can be prolonged. Soldiers who are awaiting housing on West Point may obtain temporary quarters at either the IHG Army Hotel, or in one of the many local motels/hotels. It is highly recommended that Soldiers wishing to stay at the IHG Army Hotel call up to 90 days in advance to make reservations. Soldiers can only make reservations for a 30 day stay at the IHG Army Hotel, however, extensions may be possible. Please contact the IHG Army Hotel at 845-938-6816 for more information regarding temporary housing. Pets are welcome, a non-refundable $75.00 pet fee is charged for the first 5 nights, and $7.00 per night beginning on the 6th night.  Maximum 80 pound weight limit per pet.  Pet agreement must be signed at check-in.  Please contact the hotel directly for further details regarding the West Point IHG Hotel pet policy.    

Kennel Boarding

Morgan Farms Kennels, a West Point, Moral and Welfare Recreation (MWR) facility, offers a kennel boarding program for a nominal fee.  All animals must show proof of inoculation at check in.   Contact Morgan Farms, 845-938-3926, for more information.   Space is limited so call early for reservations particularly during peak seasons.

Relocation Assistance

Moving is a part of life for Soldiers. The Army Community Service (ACS), Relocation Readiness Program, is here to help with a comprehensive support system, whether it’s your first move or the last of many. We offer newcomer’s orientation, tours of West Point, an annual community fair, and an extensive lending closet to help you and your family navigate your next military move. Please call 845-938-3487, for more information.

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