Our Mission

The Stuttgart Transition Assistance Program's mission is to provide congressionally mandated pre-separation counseling, transition and employment assistance services to all Military Service Members and selected Department of Defense civilians who are considering or preparing to depart the military. These services are also available to all of their working age family members. These tools prepare Service Members to find a job quickly — often before they leave active duty. Early participation increases hiring potential and reduces DOD funds spent by each Military Branch on unemployment compensation.


NDAA 2019 mandated changes that allow flexibility and require DoD TAP initiation during mobilization/activation. If you have NOT completed these requirements during mobilization/activation, please contact your Stuttgart-TAP office for further details immediately.


Stuttgart-TAP services begins when transitioning Service Members are within 18 months of separation or two years of retirement. Transition leave and/or permissive TDY may be added to the basic eligibility period. Service members pending "involuntary separation actions" for any reason, including potential medical separation, are eligible and encouraged to begin using Stuttgart-TAP and transition services as soon as separation is anticipated. Alumni, their family members, and other service veterans may use Stuttgart-TAP services for 180 days after separation. Retirees may use Stuttgart-TAP services for life, on a space available basis.


Call to schedule your Individualized Initial Counseling, 09641-70-596-2191/3674 or DSN 314-596-2191/3674. We offer multiple appointment times throughout the week.

It is also possible to complete your Individualized Initial Counseling and Pre-Separation Briefing
with the Virtual Center, 800-325-4715 or DSN 312-983-8831.


The following workshops, briefings and events include MANDATORY requirements for transitioning service members that must start no later than 12 months prior to separation (service members are eligible 18 months prior to separation or 24 months prior to retirement). Call or e-mail to schedule classes.

  • Individualized Initial Counseling
  • Pre-Separation Briefing
  • My Army Day: Managing My Transition, MOS Crosswalk, Financial Planning for Transition
  • VA Benefits and Services
  • DOL Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition
  • Two-Day Workshops (optional for many clients, mandatory for some)
    • DOL Employment Workshop
    • Managing My Education
    • DOL Vocational Training Workshop
    • Boots 2 Business (Entrepreneurship Workshop)
  • Capstone 
  • WARTAC – a Career Skills Program designed to help you start a career with the Veterans Administration