Where do I start?

Bring 3 copies of your orders to the transportation office. There, we will help you with everything else. We have all the forms you need, instructions, and can answer any questions you may have.


Who do I call?

If you are leaving a post, call the outbound phone numbers.

  • Stewart: (912) 767-8154/7971
  • Hunter: (912) 315-3028/3828/2038

If you are arriving at a post, call the inbound phone numbers.

  • Stewart Inbound: For those whose last name begins with A-L, call (912) 767-8130
  • Stewart Inbound: For those whose last name begins with M-Z, call (912) 767-2889
  • Hunter Inbound: (912) 315-3028/3828/2038 (same as outbound)


Having issues with your moving company? Need to make a claim?

Call Quality control:

  • Fort Stewart: (912) 435-3851 /(912) 435-3854
  • Hunter: (912) 315-4928

Need a Passport? Tickets?

  • Call (912) 767-6943/6967 for Stewart,  (912) 315-5528 for Hunter
  • HAAF Service Box: Phone: (912) 315-3028, location: 171 Haley Ave, Suite 229 Bldg 1286 HAAF Hours: 8am-3:30pm


Looking for more information?

 MOVE.mil is a great website to help you navigate your move! It has information about the area, schools, etc.