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LTC John W. Burnett  &          SGM David M Taylor


DLA Customer Service Representative


Our Only Priority is to Enhance Support to the War Fighters Readiness!

External Standard Operating Procedures for Maintenance Support.  SOP#42


Mission: AFSBn-Stewart is AMC’s face to the field, for AC/RC/ARNG formations within a 6 state AOR that conducts materiel enterprise operations by synchronizing and integrating Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (ALT) while building and sustaining readiness at the tactical, operational and strategic level.

Vision: Be the AMC Single Face to the field for AFSBn-Stewart’s 6 state AOR enabling warfighting and generating forces to sustain and maintain the highest state of combat readiness by leveraging the materiel enterprise, fostering relationships, enduring partnerships, and empowering leaders to provide responsive and uninterrupted logistics support.

End State: All supported units (AC/RC/ARNG) sustain a high state of combat readiness; Field and Sustainment level materiel enterprise support integrated and synchronized; AMC led maintenance and supply efforts prioritized, and Brigade Logistics Support Teams poised and ready to deploy in support of Brigades.

Our Logistics Assistance Representatives (LARs) are here to assist you, the customer, in solving your maintenance needs. Whether it's troubleshooting equipment, locating hard to get parts, training soldiers, trend analysis, or forecasting maintenance and logistics requirements, we are here to help. Your local LARs are backed by a worldwide network of subject matter experts.

From class room to the arms room and the motor pool to the field site, our LARs are just a phone call away. The Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield, Logistics Assistance Representatives deploy with your brigades. Whether at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA  or Egypt, Bosnia, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, our LARs have been there and will be there for you in the future.