Notification 1: *FSGA Central Issue Facility (CIF): CIF will be operating at a reduce capacity from 17-19 July,  2-4 Oct 2024 for Cyclic Inventories.  Customer service will be limited to Soldiers who are clearing under Chapter 10 admin separations in lieu of a Court Marshall and Soldiers clearing under SHARP-related circumstances during those days. For questions, please contact FSGA CIF: 912-435-0193/0302 or CIF Customer Service Email:
Notification 2: PCS Carry Forward Memorandum is not “AUTHORIZED”! Soldiers PCSing will conduct a Turn-In Appointment IAW DA 3645 (Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment Record), all OCIE with “N” under the PCS Transfer Column is mandatory to turn-in. PCS Appointment: Walk-in (Check Out: CIF Levy Brief below for more information)
Notification 3: All Soldiers must be in Duty Uniform (No civilian clothing or Physical Training Uniform).  The only exceptions will be Criminal Investigation Division and Military Police agents/investigators upon presentation of proper credentials.
Notification 4: Schedule a CIF appointment, print Clothing Records, and confirm signatures @  to schedule ALL appointments, print clothing records and confirm signatures.  Please note that SMs will require an active CAC and their DoD ID must be present on their OCIE record to allow access.
Notification 5: It is recommended Soldiers commence clearing CIF upon receipt of Military Orders but will not receive CIF Clearing stamp until Installation Clearing Checklist are presented to CIF.  CIF will perform out-processing procedures in ISM as per Post Directive.

CIF Service Requirements:


Initial Issue

o ID Card, Orders, In-Processing Papers (DA Form 5123-1)

Supplemental Issue

o ID Card,Memorandum from the Commander w/ Assumption of Command orders, state SMs MOS,Orders

Maternity Issue

o ID card, Memorandum from the Commander w/ Assumption of Command orders

DA Form 1687 Example

DA Form 3161

DA Form 7923