PAIO focuses on the Garrison delivering equitable services, monitoring performance results provided through the Installation Status Report (ISR), Common Levels of Support (CLS), Performance Assessment Review (PAR), strategic planning, promoting continuous process improvement and management of voice of the customer feedback through the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) program. PAIO is the integrator for Garrison strategic initiatives to steer the Garrison strategy in meeting current and future needs.



Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) and Voice of the Customer is a web-based customer feedback system which allows our patrons to provide comments on experiences at our facilities. Customer feedback is analyzed and is used to improve customer satisfaction. Customers may submit feedback via the website or paper comment card. Customer feedback, trends and satisfaction levels are consolidated into a monthly voice of the customer report. This report is briefed to the Garrison Command Team and Senior Commander each month. (POC: 973-724-7444)

Performance Assessment Review is conducted quarterly using CLS/SSP data. It is an enabler for the Garrison Commander to have discussions with Garrison Directors on the overall performance and execution of services. (POC: 973-724-9384)

Installation Planning Board is one of the most important meetings the Garrison facilitates. The IPB is a senior leader, decision making briefing that sets the installation priorities for the upcoming year. The IPB includes the Senior Commander and the Installation Director Sustainment as co-chairs. Co-chairing this meeting, shows their commitment to achieving the installation priorities.(POC: 973-724-8906)

Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP) program provides installation population data. Population data provides a consistent look at manpower and provides visibility for potential planning of current and future needs.(POC: 973-724-8906)

Installation Status Report (ISR) is a major installation information system used to assess key elements of installation readiness, to include: facility readiness, installation service performance compared to Army standards and installation resource capacity and security at a specific point in time. The ISR Program facilitates development or improvement of metrics that can better measure business process improvement. The ISR has three components Installation Status Report Infrastructure, Installation Status Report Mission Capacity, and Installation Status Report Services. (POC: 973-724-9384)

Garrison Strategic Plan gives direction to the entire Garrison team by providing guidance to components for planning their program implementation and aligning organizational outputs to desired outcomes. This includes our operating environment, vision, mission, strategic goals and supporting strategic objectives. These objectives enable performance, identify critical decisions for leaders, address mitigation and risk management, and ensure appropriate horizontal and vertical integration. (POC: 973-724-7444)

Intergovernmental Support Agreements (IGSAs) is a concept designed to allow a military departments to provide, receive, or share installation support services with State/local governments if the Secretary determines the agreement will serve the best interests of the department by enhancing mission effectiveness or creating efficiencies or economies of scale, including by reducing costs. (POC : 973-724-9384)

Common Levels of Support (CLS)/Chiclet Chart is the quality, quantity, frequency or timeliness of service that the Garrison is able to provide. Garrison will fund a common level of support for Army tenants within standards established in statute, regulation, policy, and by the Senior Commander. These capability levels were derived from the Table of Distributed Allowances (TDA) Authorizations, CLS and Installation Status Report (ISR) metrics. Common Level of Support services are provided to Army customers free of charge; non-Army customers must reimburse the Garrison for these services through Support Agreement. The baseline CLS for the installation is documented on the Chiclet Chart. (POC: 973-724-9384)

Garrison Overview is an important tool used to brief Garrison services to newly hired personnel and distinguished visitors. The slide deck consists of general information, installation priorities, concerns and Garrison Directorate /component details explaining Who they Are, What they Do, any Major Forums and their Way Ahead. (POC: 973-724-7444)

Strategic Planning & Organizational Improvement The PAIO is constantly working to manage future planning including but not limited to organizational and process improvement within the Garrison Several projects are initiated annually to perform data audits, analyze various situations and produce briefs with solutions for enhancement, improvement and/ or resolution. (POC : 973-724-7444)

Change Management and Organizational Improvement provides a systematic and codified methodology that facilitates business transformation (organizational change), cost management, and continuous process improvement initiatives (e.g., local suggestion programs, Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology, or Lean Six Sigma) throughout the installation. In addition, this program is intended to provide the commander with the capability to develop or strengthen the systems, processes, and tools that support the improvement efforts of the garrison.  (POC : 973-724-9384)

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