nec-logo.pngThe NEC provides Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information Management (C4IM) support to the garrison/installation or assigned geographic area that includes enterprise leadership for installation C4IM, and management, oversight, and delivery of required C4IM services. The NEC consists of four divisions: Business Division, Infrastructure Division, Operations Division, and Customer Support Division.



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How do I reset the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on a Common Access Card (CAC)?

The Common Access Card (CAC) is the principal card used to enable Cryptographic logon entry into IT systems and applications that reside on the DoD computer networks. The CAC will also be the primary platform for the implementation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Users failing to obtain proper CAC credentials will not have access to any DoD IT systems including their office e-mail.

While the PRFTA DEERS office (located in Bldg 312) issues CAC cards as well as having the ability to reset a users PIN on their CAC accounts, the NEC (Bldg 790) also has a CAC PIN reset workstation. Users desiring to visit the NEC to have their CAC cards reset should call the NEC Help Desk (4664) to schedule an appointment. The CAC reset process takes only a few minutes. Users should be reminded that when the CAC cards become the only source for authenticating logon, after 3 invalid attempts at a logon, they will have to have the PIN on the CAC card reset.

Once users set up their CAC cards for logon, they are responsible for having their cards in their possession at all times. Users will not be issued temporary CAC cards in the event they do not have their personal CAC card available. Even if they left it at their home, they will not be able to log on until they retrieve their CAC card.