The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is an Army-wide program that serves as a platform for Army Issues pertaining to the total Army quality of life. It gives the community a voice to relay what is going well and what is not with how the Army conducts business with all members of the Army including Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve Components, Retired Military, Family Members, Survivors and Civilian Employees.

Army Family Action Plan Issue Guidelines 

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is input from the people of the Army to Army leadership. It is a process that lets all members of the Army Family say what’s working and what isn’t, and what they think will fix it.

An AFAP issue is any idea, suggestion or concern you have regarding the quality of life within the Army. An issue can be one that affects only the Natick Soldier Systems Center community, or one that has effect Army-wide. A potential solution must contribute positively to Army goals, and must be something that can be judged as attainable.

Each issue submitted is reviewed by the NSSC AFAP Steering Committee and either addressed locally or forwarded on to the annual Focus Group held in the late fall.

Please keep in mind that reviewers should be able to understand the issue, why it is an issue, and how it could be resolved.  A well written issue containing a title, scope, and recommendation(s) will likely be more understandable to the reviewers, which results in a better chance of being a high priority issue. 

The AFAP Steering Committee accepts issues for review year round.

If you have more than one issue, please complete an issue submission form for each.

For additional information please contact us at (508) 233-4485.