To view and apply to open Army positions, individuals must go online to Here you can submit your resume, as well as do a search for Army jobs that are currently open.


Under “Advance Search” on the USAJOBS homepage, you will be able to refine your job search by identifying: Location, Job Category, Agency, Salary, etc.  To view job announcements specifically located at Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC), under “Advance Search” scroll down to “Location Search” choose “Massachusetts” from the listing under “State/Territory/Region”.  To the right, under “Then Locale(s)” choose “Natick” from the listing and click on the “Add” button to the right.  Then, scroll down to “Applicant Eligibility”, read this section and choose “yes” or “no” to these questions, as appropriate.  You will then need to scroll down and click on the “Search Jobs” button.  The next screen will bring up the jobs located here at NSSC that you are eligible to be considered for.  Click on the job announcements that you are interested in applying to. If you want to be considered for a particular position, follow the “How to Apply” instructions on the job announcement. For step-by-step instructions, click on “How To Apply” on the left hand side of the screen.


Also, on the USAJOBS website you can view other employment opportunities with other federal agencies besides Army.  When applying to jobs outside of Army, it is important to note that not every federal Agency uses the same application system, so please follow the instructions found under the "How to Apply" tab on each job announcement.