Who We Are 

The Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office or “PAIO” works to plan, analyze, and integrate Garrison operations to enable optimized performance and customer service within day-to-day conditions. Through strategic planning, performance assessment, stationing/installation planning, continuous process improvement and program oversight PAIO enables Senior Commander and Garrison Commander mission success.

What We Do

As the focal point of the Garrison Commander's strategic planning and analysis, PAIO provides research, focus groups, surveys, and data analysis to plan for future mission requirements and success by observing current mission needs and performance. PAIO also ensures day-to-operations remain to standard by facilitating performance analysis and reviews. Along with ensuring day-to-day operations remain to standard, performance analysis and reviews provide leadership the support needed to make key decisions for all future mission requirements and continuous process improvement initiatives.

How We Do It

PAIO delivers programs and services through their Planning, Data Analytics, Integration and Service Culture Lines of Effort with the following programs:

  • Planning and Integration Function Management Analysis Function
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis
  • Installation Planning Board (IPB)
  • Army Stationing and Installation Planning (ASIP)
  • Best Garrison Competition
  • Installation Status Reports (ISR) -> Services Performance (ISR-S) -> Services Cost (ISR-SC) -> Infrastructure (ISR-I) -> Mission Capacity (ISR-MC) & Installation Status Reviews
  • Continuous Process Improvement / Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
  • Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)
  • Operation Excellence (OPEX) / Service Culture Campaign (SCC) 

Contact Information:

PAIO Chief (508) 206-4051
Management Analysts (508) 206-4050, 4051, and 4054