Individual Responsibility for Firearms Registration

(1)  Military personnel residing in troop billets, BEQ/BOQ, or guest housing will secure all firearms and other weapons in a unit arms room immediately upon reporting in to their unit.

(2)  Military personnel and their family members residing in family quarters on POM or Ord Military Community are required to register all privately owned firearms with the POM PD not later than fourteen (14) working days after the weapon is brought onto POM/OMC.

(3)  Military personnel shall familiarize themselves with the firearm requirements of the POM Firearms Policy. Also, with the requirements of federal firearm statutes and California State law, as needed. California firearm laws can be accessed via the Internet at:

(4)  Military personnel residing on and off-post will register their private firearms in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and city and county ordinances. Military personnel residing off the installation are not required to register their private firearms with the POM PD.