Health Services for Transient and Institutional Training Military Forces

Sick Call

There is no permanent military medical treatment capability at Fort McCoy. We advise units to bring organic medical personnel and Class VIII (medical equipment) to handle routine medical care. Units can establish a non-standard "Role 1" treatment area in an assigned barracks or administrative building.  Units without this capability can transport personnel for sick call to emergency rooms in Sparta and Tomah. Costs for military personnel on orders are covered by the government, but the procedures vary depending on the branch and component.

Emergency Medical Treatment on Cantonment or in the Field

For priority and urgent care DES will evacuate personnel to the appropriate facility depending on the nature of the injury/illness. Personnel on the cantonment area should dial 911 on any cell phone or installation phone and they will be connected the DES dispatcher for assistance.  Personnel on ranges or training areas will contact the Fires Desk on FM frequency 49.85 Megahertz (MHz) (or 46.80 MHz alternate) for DES medical evacuation.

Contact Information

To make coordination with local providers or for general information, we advise units to contact the nurse adviser representative. 

  • Gundersen Health System 24-hour nurse adviser: 608-775-4454
  • Mayo Health System 24-hour nurse adviser: 608-269-1770

Closest hospitals and emergency rooms are:


Health Services for Military Members Stationed at Fort McCoy

Medical care for Active/AGR Soldiers is Tricare Prime remote. For information on Tricare, visit or call Tricare East at 800-444-5445.