Photo Services

Phone: 608-388-2423
DA Photos are taken by appointment only. To schedule your appointment go to
DA Photos are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:20 a.m. to 3 p.m. We do not take photos on Wednesday.



Official DA Photos

Army Regulation 640-30 establishes the guidance for your photograph.
The soldier is responsible for ensuring that his or her uniform fits properly and that all ribbons/medals are correctly displayed for official military photographs
You will wear the ASU with pants/skirt with the correct ribbons and medals as recorded in your official military records
We have changing rooms available.
You will need to wear some kind of footwear, but you do not have to wear official footwear.
Once you have been photographed, your photo will be uploaded to DAPMIS the same day. Make sure you log into AKO to approve your photo.





Command Photos

A command photo is used by organizations for Command Walls or other official uses, and is taken with a neutral background with a flag. These photos can be made available as a digital copy, as well as prints made for your use.
These photos can be made in either the ASU or the duty uniform. We have an American flag for these photos, but if you require unit or regimental colors, a guidon, or another background element, you will be required to bring it with you to your session. These photos can be made available as both digital and/or hard copy prints.
You have to make a separate appointment for command photos. To schedule your appointment go to

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