Road Closure: Quarry Hill Road
26 Feb 2021 14:03
The DPTMS Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance (LRAM) Crew will conduct maneuver corridor edge clearance, shredding, and vegetation removal in the vicinity of Quarry Hill Road from 01-05 March 2021, between the hours of 0800-1500 (M-Th). A section of Quarry Hill Road will be intermittently closed starting at the intersection of Lower Pass Road and Quarry Hill Road.
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Road Closure: E. 13th Ave - 500 Block
26 Feb 2021 12:00
East 13th Avenue between the roadways of East K Street and East L Street are CLOSED due to a water utility system compromise. The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) is working to get the water utility repaired. Duration of road closure is unknown. DPW recommends using East 14th Ave or East 12th Ave for your travels around the closure.
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Road Closure: West C Street (between W. 12th and W. 13th Ave)
26 Feb 2021 11:48
The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) is closing off through traffic of West C Street between West 12th and West 13th Avenues for an estimated duration of two weeks. Traffic will be able to access facilities from either direction, but the street will remain closed until repairs are made. The Road Closure starts 23 FEB 21 and will tentatively continue until the week of 8 MAR 21.
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UPDATE: Run Water Notice
26 Feb 2021 11:23
Although we are seeing some warmer temperatures, the RUN WATER NOTICE is still in effect for Fort McCoy facilities. The Run Water Notice is not to prevent freeze-ups in buildings. It is to have continued running water through our water mains in order to prevent water main breaks/outages. The frost in the ground will continue to go down further before it starts coming out. It is also important to go out and check your buildings that your organization is hand receipted for. Make sure the water is draining properly, the heat is working, and other items in the building are in working order. Should you encounter an issue, please call the DPW HELP Desk at 608-388-4357 (HELP).
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Fort McCoy Snow Plowing Season Reminders
01 Feb 2021 07:42
There are some requests by the DPW for the Fort McCoy Community to be considerate of: 1. Safety: Plow crews are moving as safely, and efficiently as possible to get to everyone's areas before they come to work. Please be considerate of plowing operations and allow ample room when passing plowing equipment on roadways, intersections, and parking lots. There are blind spots in every piece of equipment, and the operators may not see you as they are concentrating on what they are plowing up and around. 2. Lot Plowing Efforts/Efficiency: For the early arrivals - The DPW understands that people have a tendency to park in their normal parking space regardless of snow event. The DPW requests that when people arrive on "snow days", please park together and on one side of the lot on these days, and not in front of sidewalk entrances. The contractor will not/cannot plow between cars, and they need room to operate large equipment and to dispose of snow at sidewalks, ends of lots, along with intersections to the lot/street. 3. GSA Vehicles/ Permanent Vehicle Storage in lots: If your organization has GSA vehicles that remain in the lot overnight, please maintain their locations together, in groups, and move them all to a cleared location in the lot on the day following a snow event (if you desire to have snow removed around them). In most cases, the contractor will NOT plow within 10' of a parked vehicle (unless a roadway/alleyway), and will not be responsible for moving windrows when an organization does decide to move the vehicle.
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