Since its inception, Fort Hunter Liggett has maintained a law enforcement presence through the deployment of Army Military Police. In October 1993, the Army incorporated the Department of the Army Civilian police (DACP) force into the Military Police Corps,  and the Fort Hunter Liggett law enforcement mission is now conducted primarily by DACP personnel. These federal, civilian DACP officers are sworn members of the law enforcement community who enforce the statutes of the UCMJ, United States Code (USC), and the State of California, with an area of responsibility spanning 167,000-plus acres of wilderness, training areas, and public roads. The FHL Police Department also serves the law enforcement mission of the Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA) in Dublin, CA.

Duties of the FHL/PRFTA Police include crime prevention, traffic control, criminal investigations, community service, hunting and fishing enforcement, and the protection of archaeological sites and artifacts.