The FHL Fire & Emergency Services is dedicated to protecting the Soldiers, Families, Civilians, visitors and the local community with a specialized all-hazards emergency response of highly trained, skilled and certified firefighters and paramedics. The DES strives to be the premier all-hazards emergency response agency in California.

Hay Camp prescribed fire - 360 acres (1) copy.jpg

Hay Camp Fire 2018


  • Anticipate and meet the needs of the FHL community.
  • Through partnership with fire and emergency staff, develop key deployment strategies by appllication of diversified skills and knowledge.
  • Through an aggressive leadership plan, the DES has acquired the best equipment, best-trained, and most knowledgeable group of environment experts in the area.
  • Through constant training, we can maintain our high level of competency to stop hazardous conditions to the environment.
  • To give public educational programs providing insight and awareness on safety and environmental issues.
  • Maintain the high standard of knowledge, skills and techniques by self-assessment through Organization Readiness Inspections, and to stay current with future growth.
  • Fort Hunter Liggett Fire and Emergency Services bottom line: THE SOLDIER