AT Digi-Logo-BIG sm.pngMission:

In direct support of FHL management of force protection, the Anti-terrorism (AT) Branch establishes Army AT policy and program objectives; assesses and evaluates the FHL AT program; develops and disseminates AT strategic communications and coordinates with the FHL Public Affairs; plans, coordinates and executes vulnerability assessments and security plans for all special events hosted or sponsored by senior Army leaders on or off the installation.

  • Provides and manages installation programs for personnel and industrial security
  • Manages AT training criteria for installation contracts
  • Manages FHL's Installation Antiterrorism Program
  • Conducts compliance inspections as required by regulatory guidance
  • Coordinates installation RAMP
  • Coordinates ATWG including PWG, TWG, PEC
  • Provides Industrial Security and Physical Security

FHL anti-terrorism measures complement and support other related security and protection functions through constant coordination and information-sharing. Success depends upon effective employment of limited resources and constant vigilance associated with the ambiguities of uncertain terrorist attack timing. Resourcefulness and continuous improvement ensure that necessary AT measures and decisions match the potential threat.


  • Anti-terrorism Awareness, Exercise, Planning, Training
  • Anti-terrorism Resource
  • Protection Executive Committee
  • Consequence Management
  • Crisis Action Team
  • Defense Measures
  • Terrorism Liaison Officer
  • Force Protection
  • INTEL Fusion
  • OCONUS Travel Brief
  • Protective Services
  • RAMP Implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Threat Mitigation