Mission Statement

Provide quality customer-focused training support to ensure Fort Hunter Liggett, U.S. Army Garrison Command, installation organizations, and transient training units have the networked, integrated, interoperable training resources required to support the Army's Training Strategies through the Army Training Support Systems Enterprise (TSS-E). This support consists of the Training Support Center (TSC) and Training Aids, Devices, Simulations and Systems (TADSS).

Training Services:

  • Provide and/or train instructor/operators (I/Os) and operators for DA specified virtual Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations (TADSS).
  • Maintain TADSS
  • Provide TADSS familiarization training
  • Loan, issue, receive and store TADSS, to include MILES
  • Loan, issue and print Graphic Training Aids (GTA)

Training Support:

Improvised Explosive Device Simulators

  • Suicide vests
  • Distraction grenades
  • Pressure plate training devices
  • Land mine IED
  • Pressure cooker bomb
  • Pipe bomb
  • Mounted convey

Artillery Simulators

Arti Simulator.jpg

Small Arms Simulators (50 cal)

50 Cal.jpg

Small Arms Training Aids:
16, M4, 240B Auto Machine Gun, AK-47,
M9 Pistol, MP5, UZI, Bayonet
M249 SAW

M249 SAW.jpg

MILES - Soldier, Vehicle and Weapon Sets

Visual Information Available

  • Map/imagery printing & lamination
  • Cameras
  • Public address system
  • Projector
  • Projector screen

Medical Training Aids


  • TC3X
  • Adult- 165, 185, 250
  • Casper Dog
  • CPR

Talon Litters
IV Arm
Zoll Training AED


Virtual Training

  • Virtual Battle Space Simulation (VBS3)
  • Engagement Skills Trainer (ESTII)
  • All Terrain Litter Army System II (ATLAS II)
  • Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH)
  • Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV)
  • Mobile Marksmanship Training Simulator (MMTS)
  • Warrior Skills Trainer (WST)
  • Truck 660


Truck 660 (002).jpg