FAQs for U.S workers

FAQs for Italian workers

Leave: Leave approval is decided at the command level. However, where you are able to go is dependent on other factors: national requirements, host nation decrees, etc. Leisure travel will be permitted again, but everyone is encouraged to be very flexible. Host nation and national decrees will determine timing and border access. There is currently a nationwide travel ban in place for tourism in Italy and there are similar travel bans in other countries across Europe.

San Bortolo Hospital/Health

1. Why did the San Bortolo Hospital OB/GYN clinic location change?

The San Bortolo Hospital's OB/GYN Clinic changed locations in an effort to better protect pregnant women from the Coronavirus during this time. The original location of the OB/GYN clinic is next to the infecious disease department and the original OB/GYN clinic location will now house potential Coronavirus patients.

2. Have there been any changes to the 6th floor delivery?

No, there are no changes to San Bortolo's 6th floor delivery. All operations are running as normal.

3. I do not have Tricare. Can I still call the COVID-19 hotline?

Yes. Call the COVID-19 hotline at 0444-61-9000 and press option #7. You will be directed to Army Public Health Nursing (APHN) who will provide you guidance. If you do not meet COVID criteria, you will be directed to contact your provider.

Expecting families: There is a new initiative between the ACS New Parent Support Group and the Health Clinic to help expecting families with questions and concerns. Please contact ACS or the clinic to for questions.


1. Who does the self-isolation apply to?

The self-isolation directive applies to military and civilian members of the work-force who spent time in areas of high risk. For USAG Italy, members will be required to self-isolate at their residence, out of an abundance of caution, the family members should also self-isolate and remain in their residence. For service members, DoD civilians and their families, USAG Italy will provide lodging.

2. How long does self-isolation last?

The self-isolation is for a 14-day period beginning from the date an individual returns from any of the defined areas. This 14-day self-isolation duration covers the potential incubation period of COVID-19.

3. Do I have to comply with the self-isolation directive?

The self-isolation is mandatory for U.S. service members, family members, DoD civilians, contractors, and Host Nation employees regardless if they reside on or off military installations, in the interest of public health. These measures are being done as a precautionary safety measure to protect the USAG Italy community.

4. If a family member, DoD civilian, contractor or HN employee abides by the self-isolation and remains at their residence and misses work, will he or she be entitled to any financial compensation?

A. The 14 days will not count towards service member or civilian leave. Financial compensation will be determined on a case-by-case basis, working closely with the individual’s chain of command.

5. Who is responsible for care, transportation and security of the personnel in self-isolation?

A.Support is a whole-of-garrison effort beginning with the individual’s chain of command.We recognize the difficulty this situation creates and USAG Italy wants to lessen that challenge as best we can.

6. While an individual is in self-isolation, will they be able to leave the isolation location?

A. U.S. service members are restricted from leaving their residence or barracks during the 14-day self-isolation.Family members, DoD civilians, contractors, and Host Nation employees can leave there residence, but are highly encouraged to comply with the self-isolation directive.

7. How will they get food, groceries, and other life necessities?

A. This is a whole-of-garrison approach beginning with the individual’s chain of command. USAG Italy has a plan in place.

Passport Office

Q: Is the passportoffice open?

A: The passport office is open byappointment only.

Q: How can I make anappointment?

A: You can make an appointment byselecting the “Appointments” link on the USAG Italy home page. Please be sure to use Edge or Chrome toaccess the appointment system.

Q: What is considered an emergency case?

A:An emergency case is when personnel are PCS’ing within the next 45-60 days orfor individuals who are on emergency leave travel. Tourist passportapplications (except for logistically supported contractors overseas), SocialSecurity Applications and Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) are notconsidered emergency cases.

Q: How can I contact the passport office for emergency cases?

A:Please call 0444-71-4785/7 or email usarmy.usag-italy.id-europe.list.passport-office@mail.mil.

Q: I’m clearing the installation and I’mnot able to get a passport appointment before my final clearing appointment atthe CPF. What should I do?

A:Please call 0444-71-4785/7 or email usarmy.usag-italy.id-europe.list.passport-office@mail.mil.

Q: What happens if my passport is about to expire?

A:All U.S. citizens must have at least one valid passport while overseas. A validpassport must have 6 months left before expiration.

Official - If yourofficial passport is expiring and you do not have a tourist passport, pleasecontact our office for further guidance.

Tourist - Touristpassport applications are not considered emergency cases (except forlogistically supported contractors overseas).

Q: I recently got married to a non U.S.citizen and am PCS’ing back to the states soon. What documentation does myspouse need?

A:Please contact USCIS for up to date information and application status viawasoverseasmilnatz@uscis.dhs.gov or militaryinfo@uscis.dhs.gov. Additionallyplease visit the USCIS website for more information and links to forms via https://www.uscis.gov/greencard.

ID Cards & Soggiornos

Q: Is the CPF open?

A: Yes, the CPF is open Monday-Friday 0800-1200 and 1330-1530..

Q: My DoD ID card has expired or is expiring soon; what do I do?

You can make an appointment on-lineto get your ID Card renewed. The Vicenza ID Card facility is open Monday-Friday from 0800-1200 and 1330-1530 and Camp Darbyfacility is open on Tuesdaysfrom 0900-1100. Pleasego to the following website to make an appointment: using Firefox or Google Chromeaccess https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil.idco .

An ID card issued to a child of a Service member expires when the child turns 21 years old. Unless attending school as a full-time student, approved as an incapacitated dependent, or enrolled in TRICARE Young Adult, the child’s affiliation ends when the ID card expires and is not eligible for continued benefits. As a result, a child who has turned 21 and is not eligible for continued benefits and MAY NOT use the expired DoD ID card to access benefits.

NOTE: A child under 21, orwho is eligible for continued benefits, MAY use the expired DoD ID card toaccess benefits.

US ID cards are issued toretirees, Family members, and other eligible individuals. If you have questionsabout whether you have, or are eligible for a US ID card, visit the followingwebsite:


If you have questions aboutthe status of your benefits, please use the DOD’s online self-service resourcesbefore contacting DOD and Uniformed Services help desks by telephone. You canlogin to milConnect using the DoD CAC or DS Logon account.


TRICARE coverage is foundwithin the “Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy” drop-down under “the Benefits” tab.

Q: What about my benefits and entitlements?

A: Your benefits and entitlements will remain active if you are eligible for continued benefits even if the expiration date on the card is in the past. Most benefits include: TRICARE/Medicare, Post Exchange (PX), Commissary and MWR.

Q: Can I get a new ID card if I recently got married or divorced and changed my name?

A: Yes.

Q: My child is attending college full time andis age 21-23, do they still need to get an ID card issued?

A: Yes. You can make an appointment on-line to get obtain an ID Card. The Vicenza ID Card facility is open Monday-Friday from 0800-1200 and 1330-1530 and Camp Darby facility is open on Tuesdays from 0900-1100. Please go to the following website to make an appointment: using Firefox or Google Chrome access https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil.idco

Q: What if I have an incapacitated/secondary dependent, can they still get an ID card?

A: Yes. If you need to do an initial enrollment of an incapacitated dependent or secondary dependent visit the DFAS website at: https://www.dfas.mil/

Q: When can I get my new CAC that is expiring soon?

A: Common Access Cards(CACs) will not be re-issued prior to 30 days of expiration date. This is tominimize foot traffic at installation ID card sites due to social distancing precautions.

Q: I just got promoted, can I get my new CAC issued with the correct rank/grade?

A: Yes.

Q: I need to enroll a new family member, what do I do?

A: Just the sponsor needs to come into the facility with the original birth certificate and social security card (if you have) and we will enroll the child.

Q: Is my local ID card issuing facility open?

A: Yes, the Vicenza facilities is open Monday-Friday from 0800-1200 and 1330-1530 and Camp Darby facility is open on Tuesday from 0900-1100. Please go to the following website to make an appointment: using Firefox or Google Chrome access https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil.idco

Q: Do I need to come into the ID card office to get my CAC unblocked/unlocked?

A: Yes, to unlock a CAC you must provide your finger print and put a pin number in.

Please call 0444-71-5135/5136 or DSN 646-5135/5136 for additional questions.


Q: I submitted for a renewal of my Soggiorno and I haven’t heard back.

A: You will be notified as soon as your soggiorno is available for pick up.

Q: My spouse received an email saying that my soggiorno is ready to be picked up, is the office open?

A: The Soggiorno Office is open. An appointment must be scheduled online, using the following link https://home.army.mil/index.php in order to pick up your soggiorno. Every applicant 14 years or above must come to the office to sign for his/her soggiorno. Office business hours for the office are Mon, Tue & Fri 0800-1200 – 1330-1530, Wed 0800-1200, Thu 1330-1530.

Q: My soggiorno is ready, but I have concerns coming on the base right now. Can it be mailed to me or do I have to come in?

A: Unfortunately we cannot mail you the Soggiorno.The Italian Government requires you to sign the documenting our office prior to us issuing it to you and anyone 14 years and older. We will hold onto the document until this is over and issue it to you when you are able to come to the installation.

Q: My soggiorno is expiring, what do I need to do?

A: Renewal process for soggiorno can be started 1 (one) month prior the expiration. An appointment must be scheduled online using the following link https://home.army.mil/italy/index.php to submit the application. Please email the soggiorno office at usarmy.italy.id-europe.mbx.soggiorno-office-mailbox@mail.mil to find out what the requirements are for your appointment.

Q: What should we do if the permit expires intwo weeks, or after June 15th?

A: We don’t have an answerfor that yet, but if this continues we expect the Italian Government to give another extension date. Once everything is opened we will process the applications, schedule the appointments for fingerprinting and take new applications. We ask everyone to be patient because for this process, we must work with and rely on our host nation and their processes and procedures. We also know that there is and will be a backlog for some time. We will update as circumstances change. The new extension date is August 30th 2020.


Q: Are people still able to PCS?

A: Yes, but if either the departure or the gaining locations are
"Red"(meaning restricted) according to the IMCOM Placemat, then you must have an exception to policy (ETP) memo signed by the first O6 in your Chain of Command.

Q. Do people with an ETP memo still need to clear the installation?

A: Yes, all installation agencies must be cleared.The SM has 12 working days to clear the installation.However, with the COVID 19 reduced manning, agencies have made adjustments on how they clear SM, Department of the Army Civilians (DACs) and contractors.CPF personnel will provide you with a guide on how to clear during these times.

Q. How do I get an ETP memorandum?

A. Contact your chain of command and your chain of command must submit your name to the ETP board.

Q. Flights are very limited, where do I fly out of?

A. Right now all SATO flights are departing from Venice to various locations in the United States. Units are responsible for getting departing SMs, DACs and Family Members to the airport.