Left to individual commands. Commanders can grant pass, but must include Saturday and Sunday.


Can employees telework?

US: Yes, if employee is eligible for telework. Supervisors should ensure eligible employees are telework ready. If the installation or a facility is closed, employees who are telework eligible are required to telework.

HN: The Joint Civilian Personnel Commission (JCPC) has determined that “Smart Working” will be authorized during the COVID‐19 crisis NTE 31 December 2020. Employees are NOT authorized to smart work until confirmation from the CPAC that the employee has be properly registered with the host nation authorities as smart work eligible.

Implementing guidance:

‐ Determine if the position and incumbent are suited for Smart Work.

‐ Determine if the employee has a suitable work space, as well as internet access at home.

‐ Employees must be provided with Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)/computers with VPN access, as applicable. Is this available?

‐ Training requirements (supervisors must maintain training certificates):

Supervisor must complete "Telework Fundamentals ‐ Manager Training" at

Employee must complete "Telework Fundamentals ‐ Employee Training" at

Employee must complete GOV Portable Electronic Devices (PED) Training at

‐ Employees and Supervisors will complete the Safety and Health Notification and Smart Work

Agreement (Official Italian Version) and return to the CPAC. NOTE: there are separate Safety and Health Notifications for each location – one for Vicenza employees and one for Darby employees.

‐ CPAC will register the employee with the host nation authority. Smart work may only be allowed once confirmation has been received from the CPAC that the employee has been properly registered.

For questions contact:

DSN 314

Hours of Smart Work will be annotated on the time card. Do not change the hours at work in the column “REG”, add the code “SMW” for the smart work hours worked.

Employee resides in an area where the local government has restricted travel. Employee is unable to leave residence to report for duty. What is his/her status?

US: Employee may be granted Weather/Safety Administrative Leave until restriction is lifted.

Weather/safety admin leave is entered in ATAAPS as “LN” with the additional “PS” code under NtDiff/Haz/Oth.

HN: Employee may be excused from work without charge to leave or loss of pay until restriction is lifted.

Excused absence is annotated as admin leave and entered on the time card as code “049.”

Work Force Forms

USAG Italy Time and Attendance Policy

Alternative Work Schedule

Telework Request