The Risk Reduction Program is designed to assist in decreasing Soldiers' high-risk behaviors thus increasing Soldier and mission readiness. The Risk Reduction Program’s tools track, assess, and act on a number of Soldier high-risk behaviors; deaths, accidents, self-harm, suicide attempts, absent without leave or AWOL, drug offenses, alcohol offenses, traffic violations, crimes against persons, crimes against property, crimes against society, domestic violence, child abuse, financial problems, and positive urinalysis tests.

The Risk Reduction Program coordinator works in tandem with the Installation Prevention Team, and the commander’s Readiness and Resiliency Council working groups to analyze Soldier high-risk behavior data, and coordinate efforts between commanders and installation agencies focused on effective interventions.

The Risk Reduction Program also offers the Unit Risk Inventory and the Reintegration Unit Risk Inventory. These surveys are anonymous questionnaires designed to screen for high-risk behaviors and attitudes that compromise unit readiness.

The results of the Unit Risk Inventory and the Reintegration Unit Risk Inventory are used to adjust training and prevention efforts within the unit. The Unit Risk Inventory is also a great tool for incoming leadership teams to assess the climate within their new unit.

Army Vantage Commanders’ Risk Reduction Toolkit

The Commanders’ Risk Reduction Toolkit, or CRRT, is one of the multiple, comprehensive toolkits within Army Vantage that provides Command Teams with Unit or Soldier data to assess their Units and Soldiers’ high risk behaviors and deployment readiness.

CRRT access is authorized to:

  • Installation Commander/Senior Mission Commander and Command Sergeant Major
  • Brigade Commander and Command Sergeant Major (brigade commander can designate access to one additional user)
  • Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major
  • Company Commander and First Sergeant

To register for an Army Vantage CRRT account, open Chrome, Firefox or Edge (in that order) and login to

Follow the Army Vantage CRRT Command Teams Account Instructions to complete your request.