U-Do-It: a resource explained

Service members and Department of the Army civilians have a ready resource to help complete minor repair and maintenance. To save time, money and government labor, a system is in place to provide supplies to service member and DA civilians free of charge to the requesting units.

U-Do-It-image.jpgTroop U-Do-lt Issue Policy: All unit/activity personnel who plan to obtain materials or loan tools from the Troop U-Do-lt store are reminded that only those personnel who have attended a Troop U-Do-lt training class and are listed on a current DA Form 1687 (Notice of Delegation of Authority-Receipt for Supplies) and a current FGSP 420-R (Certificate of Proficiency Card) will be issued materials or loaned tools. Units relocating to the buildings other than those listed on their DA Form 1687 must submit a new signature card.

U-Do-lt training classes are on the first Wednesday of each month in Building 40101 at 8 a.m. for units and activity coordinators.  CDC requirement of 10 in a group, so 9 class members and 1 instructor, everyone wears masks the whole time.

HVAC filters: All units and activities are reminded of their responsibility for obtaining and changing filters in all accessible HVAC units every 30 to 45 days. The preventive maintenance team is responsible for changing filters in areas which are secured on a regular basis, adversely affects the operating efficiency of HVAC units and potential maintenance problems.

Engineering Work Request (DA Form 4283) Troop U-Do-lt Projects: Prior to submitting work request for approval, U-Do-lt coordination is encouraged for the purpose of obtaining material, descriptive data and cost. The U-Do-lt coordinator will also assist in identifying correct materials for the project. Coordination will reduce the possibility of receiving incorrect materials, telephone calls to customers for material verification and wasted cost.

U-Do-lt excess materials: Self-help coordinators are encouraged to review their supply and storage areas to ascertain the requirement for all items currently on hand. Due to various reasons that requirements change (such as the current barracks renovation project), usable material, HVAC filters, plumbing parts, diffusers, paint, lumber, plywood, etc., and items that are serviceable which are no longer needed should be returned to the U-Do-lt warehouse.

If you have any questions, contact the U-Do-lt coordinator at (706) 791- 3942/7683 for assistance.