Environmental_logo.jpgThe Environmental and Natural Resources Management Division of the Directorate of Public Works is responsible for the Fort Gordon environmental compliance and conservation programs in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, policies and army regulations.

This site is intended to be a focal point for environmental, natural, and cultural resources information for Fort Gordon.

The Environmental Division is responsible for all aspects of the installation's environmental, natural and cultural resources, compliance and program management, including fish and wildlife, forestry, pest management and planning, land, water, and environmental services). This office acts a liaison between the Fort Gordon community and various local, state and federal regulatory agencies. It also provides environmental technical assistance and education to units and activities involved with hazardous materials, construction projects, endangered species or other environmental issues.

Environmental and Natural Resources also oversees the post operations contractor in environmental effects and compliance and provides forest fire protection.

Environmental Assessments for Public Comment

Environmental Compliance Branch

Environmental Natural Resources Branch