The Special Victim Counsel Program was developed to strengthen the support of victims of sexual assault and enhance their rights within our military justice system.  The role of a Special Victim Counsel (SVC) is to zealously represent the client's interests throughout the military justice process.

SVCs are specially trained attorneys specifically designated by the Judge Advocate General.  SVCs shall represent the best interests of their clients, as appropriate, even when their clients’ interest do not align with those of the government of the United States.  An SVC’s primary duty is to his/her client and no other person, organization or entity.

An SVC empowers victims by fostering an understanding of the military justice process and aiding each victim with the legal assistance needed to allow full participation in applicable programs and services.  This is accomplished by providing effective and timely advice, being available to assist throughout the full spectrum of the military justice practice from initial investigation to convening authority final action, as well as providing appropriate advocacy to assure a victim’s rights are appropriately represented.

If you have any questions or are in need of a consultation, please contact the Regional SVC at West Point at (845) 372-3338.