eco_clip_image002.pngThe 1/304th Regiment, 95th Division, provides training support to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
Drill Sergeants and other support staff perform Basic Combat Training (BCT) each summer as the unit’s primary mission.
Echo Company also provides training support as needed thru out the year to other units.  This support includes but is not limited to: Senior / Junior ROTC training, Pre-Deployment Training, numerous types of Range support, ANCOC / BNCOC assistance to name a few.   
Soldiers in the unit have deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom, and preformed duties in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.
Duty as a Drill Sergeant is open to all MOS’s in grades E-5 thru E-7. We are always looking for volunteers.

Read the Drill Sergeant Creed
Echo Company is located in Bldg 641, but can be contacted thru the BN at:    
HQ’s, 1st Bn 304th Regt, 95th Div  
64 Harvey Road 
Londonderry, NH  03053 
(603) 537-8026