Welcome to USAG Daegu

Welcome to the United States ArmyGarrison Daegu/Area IV and congratulations on what will be an exciting andfulfilling assignment. Over the next decade our installations, Camps Walker,George and Henry in Daegu, Camp Carroll in Waegwan, and Busan Storage Facilityand Pier 8 in Busan, will continue to grow as one of the two enduring Army hubsin the Republic of Korea and the center for logistics expertise for the Koreanpeninsula.

Support Facilities

We have built a new middle-high school and are in the process of completing the 1st of four new,state-of-the-art housing towers. Those facilities complement other greatplaces, like our 18-hole Evergreen Golf Course, libraries, CACs, guest lodges,swimming pools, fitness centers and education centers, located at both CampWalker and Camp Carroll to service our geographically dispersed population.

With all the construction associatedwith our growth you will experience occasional inconveniences, but one thingwill remain constant: our garrison staff anticipates your arrival with awillingness to serve your needs. To ensure each newcomer receives prompt, convenientin-processing services we have consolidated the most frequented services into anew Soldier Support Center located at the heart of Camp Walker. There you willbe able to get your ID card, register in DBIDS, register a vehicle, visit theACS and WIC offices, sign up for Red Cross classes and meet with the Housing staff.

Schools and Youth Programs

Your school-aged children will attend school on post, Sure Start through 5th grade at Daegu Elementary School on Camp George, and 6th through 12th at the Daegu Middle-High School on Camp Walker.

To request a youth sponsor, email to: mailto:usarmy.daegu.imcom-fmwrc.mbx.slo@mail.milusarmy.daegu.imcom-fmwrc.mbx.slo@mail.mil

Family Services

The overwhelming majority of Familysupport facilities, programs and services are located on Camps Walker, Henryand George in Daegu -- the main Exchange, full sized commissary, elementarythrough high school, Child and Youth Services including the CDC and TeenCenter, a full service ACS, Wood Medical Clinic and Bodine Dental Clinic. Themajority of facilities and services on Camp Carroll in Waegwan are there forthe Soldiers who live on post -- the Carroll Troop Medical/Dental Clinic,Commissary Annex, small PX. While Families have the option to live off-post inthe Waegwan area, please understand that with the exception of CACs, gyms,bowling centers, and theaters, the fiscal reality is that the Daegu areafamily-friendly facilities will never be duplicated on Camp Carroll.

Ifyou would like to bring your family to Korea, visit your local MilitaryPersonnel Division (MPD) Office or S1 to apply for command sponsorship beforeyou depart. Communicate with your sponsor as well to help you make an informeddecision. Applying well in advance will help ensure your desires are known tous. Along with that application, you will need to submit a completedExceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) screening for overseas travel, so wecan determine if we can meet the needs of your family.

Spouse Employment

Employmentopportunities are limited for spouses who accompany their Soldier; however, weregularly seek new employees in our Child Development Center and Child, Youthand School Services and we are constantly exploring options for off- andon-post employment for spouses. Visit Army Community Service to participate in the Spouse Newcomers Briefings and Spouse Employment Workshops.