Military are authorized to use loaner furniture their entire tour in Korea. Civilians can use loaner furniture on a temporary basis, until their household goods arrive. 
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Family Housing Loaner Furniture

Unaccompanied Housing Loaner Furniture

Furniture Policy

FURNISHINGS TRANSPORTATION: The customer is not responsible for the costs if the garrison directs the move. The movement of furnishings at government expense is normally limited to one PCS delivery and pickup. Additional requirements during their tour will be at the expense of the customer.

APPLIANCE REGULATIONS: Appliance installation costs shall be paid for by the user. Move-in Housing Allowance (MIHA) covers appliance installation cost.  The Government has no responsibility to install or disconnect issued appliances in private rental housing. All appliances (gas dryers/gas ranges) hook-up and disconnect must be done by certified personnel. FMO repairs appliances at no cost to the customer unless damages were due to resident’s misuse or neglect. Customers are responsible for scheduling repairs by contacting FMO.

TURN-IN OF FURNISHINGS: Residents need to turn-in government furnishings by scheduling with FMO 30 days prior to DEROS or 14 days prior to termination of lease. If customer has to reschedule or cancel, contact the Housing Office at least 24 hours in advance. A 50% delivery cost will be charged for no-shows. Housing personnel will brief customers on their requirement to clean government issued furnishings. All items shall be ready for turn-in on the date and time of the customer’s scheduled appointment. Failure to abide by cleaning requirements may result in customer being charged for cleaning and/or transportation costs.

Customers are liable for loss, damage, or destruction of government furnishings caused by negligence or misconduct of family members, guests or pets beyond fair wear and tear. The following can occur to hold government worker or SM accountable.