Rocky Mountain Field Office

CI Recruiting

Please visit the Army CI Recruiting website for details:

  • Only E-3 through E-4(P) -- PFC, SPC, SPC(P), CPL and CPL(P) applicants will be accepted (ACTIVE DUTY ONLY). All other grades are not eligible for active duty 35L reclassification.
  • Packets submitted in the CI Portal App/Website before or after the listed date range WILL NOT be accepted for the associated selection panel.
  • All template and guides are listed in the links on the left side of the above webpage.
  • Following instructions and meeting deadlines is part of your evaluation process.
  • All documents must be uploaded in PDF format.
  • The 35L panel is competitive and is OML based, meaning, meeting baseline standards DOES NOT guarantee acceptance, only the strongest packets will be accepted for 35L training.
  • If you do not meet rank requirements you are not eligible, "demoting yourself" is not an option, OCMI will not endorse, recommend, or holds the ability to perform this action. OCMI DOES NOT endorse any Solider/NCO/Officer to attempt to remove their promotable status, current rank or commission.