Rocky Mountain Field Office


The Rocky Mountain Field Office conducts counterintelligence investigations, operations, collection and analysis to detect, exploit and neutralize foreign intelligence entities, international terrorism and insider threats to U.S. Army forces, technologies, information and infrastructure throughout Colorado, Wyoming and eastern Montana. On order, the Rocky Mountain Field Office provides tailored CI support to overseas contingency operations. 

The Rocky Mountain Field Office higher headquarters is Region III, Army Counterintelligence Command (ACIC), which gathers information and conducts globally synchronized activities as part of an integrated departmental and national effort to identify, deceive, exploit, disrupt or protect against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage or assassinations conducted for or on behalf of foreign powers, organizations or persons or their agents, or international terrorist organizations or activities directed against U.S. national security interests or the U.S. Army and it's personnel, information, materiel, facilities and activities.

Phone Numbers

Special Agent in Charge 719-526-4808
Operations Officer 719-526-5959
Special Agent/NCOIC 719-526-4815
Special Agent 719-526-2220
Special Agent 719-526-4092
Special Agent 719-526-4810
Special Agent 719-526-9272
Special Agent 719-526-5092


After Hours 

Alternate: 301-974-7501
Alternate: 301-974-5657


The Rocky Mountain Field Office is located at building 1012, third floor on Long Street Fort Carson, CO 80913. 


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