Welcome to "Holding Down the Fort," a monthly podcast with Lt. Col. Priscella (Scella) Nohle, the Garrison Commander of U.S. Army Garrison Carlisle Barracks.

This podcast provides the Garrison Commander an opportunity to engage personally with our great, diverse, and geographically dispersed personnel who server our Army Garrison across Carlisle Barracks, Letterkenny Army Depot, and Fort Indiantown Gap.

Because of our geographical diversity, it is difficult for the Garrison Commander to find an opportunity to speak to all of our military and civilian employees at one time.

This podcast allows her a chance to speak directly to our entire workforce, and, to discuss new initiatives, monthly highlights, fun facts, and to recognize individuals whose contributions have had an impact on our Garrison Team.

We hope you find this podcast informational and entertaining. Because we believe we are all a part of this great organization and fantastic team, and everyone should know what is going on throughout our Garrison.

If you have an idea on how we can improve this podcast or a new initiative, fun fact, or know an individual who is worthy of recognition, contact our Garrison Public Affairs Officer, Curt Keester, at curtis.d.keester.civ@army.mil.



Carlisle Barracks Civilian of the Year 2021

Army War College Commandant, Maj. Gen. David Hill and Carlisle Barracks Garrison Commander, Lt. Col. Jeannette Molina, recognize Carlisle Barracks Civilian of the Year 2021, Kelly Villalobos, Family Advocacy and Exceptional Family Member Programs Manager.

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Contact the Carlisle Barracks EEO Office at: Phone: 717-961-0963, Email: travis.w.white.civ@mail.mil