Legal Assistance Services:The Fort Bliss Legal Assistance Office is located on the first floor of Building 113, Pershing Road. Normal hours of operation are Monday thru Wednesday and Friday, 9-11:45 a.m. and 1-4:20 p.m.; and Thursday, 1-4:20 p.m. The LAO is closed every Thursday morning and on all military training holidays and federal holidays. 

Due to the current COVID-modified environment, WALK-IN SERVICES FOR POWERS OF ATTORNEY AND NOTARIZATIONS ONLY are available during hours of operation.  All other Legal Assistance services, to include Will Executions, are provided on an appointment basis only.  Except for Will Executions, all appointments will be conducted telephonically.

To make an appointment to speak with a Legal Assistance attorney, either call the LAO appointment phone line (915-568-7141) during the hours of operation listed above or e-mail the Legal Assistance Office at any day or time at:

When requesting a Legal Assistance appointment by e-mail, please include the following information: name and rank; DoD ID number; DoD ID expiration date; spouse’s name, if applicable; spouse’s DoD ID number, if applicable; your contact information (to include the phone number you want the attorney to contact you at for your appointment) and a very general description of your legal issue.

Appointments are usually scheduled within 5-10 business days. If you will not be available during your scheduled appointment, please contact the LAO 24 hours in advance to cancel so that we can assist other clients. 

Please ensure that you arrive to the LAO (1st floor, bldg. 113) on time for a scheduled Will Execution appointment, or are available to answer the phone number you gave to the LAO at the time of your scheduled appointment when the attorney calls.

Appointments must be made for estate planning counseling and have an attorney draft a will. Counseling for wills will be done telephonically, and the servicing attorney will coordinate a date/time with the client for in-person will execution. Service Members who are deploying can get a will done on a walk-in basis at the legal station in the Soldier Readiness Processing Center in Building 60, Doniphan Road on Fort Bliss.

Powers Of Attorney:
Walk-in clients for notarization/POAs MUST wear a mask in order to be admitted into the LAO building. 

Powers of attorney will be completed only where the individual requesting the power of attorney provides sufficient documentation. Accordingly, in addition to a valid identification card, the individual requesting the power of attorney must provide all required information, such as such as the vehicle identification number for a vehicle power of attorney, or legal property description (found on title or deed), for a real property power of attorney. Be aware that not all businesses or organizations will honor the powers of attorney. Therefore, it is recommended that you check with your financial institution or place you plan on using the power of attorney for their acceptance.

The Legal Assistance Office provides general advice and assistance in the following areas:
Personal Civil Disputes: Tenant’s Rights, Auto Warranties, Lemon Law

Real Property Issues: Review of Contracts for Purchase/Sale of Home, Review of Leases, Mortgage Foreclosure

Economic Matters: Identity Theft, Insurance, Bankruptcy, Credit Reporting Issues

Family Matters: Adoption, Name Change, Child Support or Non-support, Child Custody, Divorce, Immigration

Civilian Criminal Matters: Advice Only

Military: OER/NCOER Appeals, FLIPL rebuttals, Suspension of Security Clearance, GOMOR Rebuttals, Non-punitive Chapter Discharges,

Limitations on Services: The Legal Assistance Office does not provide assistance in the following areas: Military Justice Matters, Punitive Chapter Actions, Article 15s, Private Business Activities of the Client, Litigation/Claims for or against the U.S., Employment Matters.