The Fort Bliss Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) mission is to increase recycling, divert waste from the landfill and reduce contamination to preserve natural resources for today, tomorrow and the future.

Profits from Recycling benefit Fort Bliss Soldiers and Families. The Fort Bliss Qualified Recycling Program is mandated to meet diversion and recycling goals but the real reasons to recycle are to protect this nation's resources and because it is the right thing to do!  We are counting on you to do the right thing... RECYCLE RIGHT and RECYCLE MORE!

Scrap Metal, Wood Pallets & Ink Cartridges

Scrap Metal: Please call 915-568-1537 to schedule a scrap metal assessment and pick up today.

Wood Pallets: Stack wood pallets away from recycling and trash bins and call 915-568-1537 to schedule a pickup.

Do not put wood pallets in blue bins.

Ink Cartridges: Ink cartridges can be recycled! Call 915-568-1537 to have your ink cartridges picked up and recycled!

Recycling & Trash Bin Guidelines

DO NOT place cigarettes, MREs, explosives and ammo in either of the bins this will cause a fire. If a fire breaks out call the Fort Bliss Fire Department.

Close lids to outdoor bins. This prevents any items from flying out during stormy weather.

Keep area around your outdoor bins free of trash and hazardous materials. This will cause a stop in service and a safety hazard.

Recycling Drop-Off Site

You can take any extra recyclables to Military Installation Collection Area SY014. Located behind the Commissary off Pike and Irwin Road.

Paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminum, and tin are accepted at this location.

Recycling Grand Challenge

Under CG Standing Order 11 recycling is required on Fort Bliss. The recycling Grand Challenge assists in promoting and educating units on post how to recycle right. The Grand Challenge is a friendly competition to increase recycling and decrease contamination and reward the winning units for recycling right. The winning unit is awarded $3,000 towards their unit fund.

The Grand Challenge has four competitions per year. Each challenge last three months long. If you do not win during your competing quarter, you will roll over to the next competition to compete again.

The following items are assessed during units building inspections:

  • Do you have an adequate number of recycle bins?
  • Are trash cans free of recyclable items?
  • Are recycle bins free of trash?
  • Are outdoor bin lids closed?
  • Are the outdoor bins free of trash around the surrounding area?
  • Are bins free of hazardous waste?
  • Are cardboard boxes being broken down? 
  • Is shredded paper being tied in a plastic bag?

Interested in enrolling? Call our office today at 915-568-1537 to get in touch with our Grand Challenge representative!

Recycling Hero Program

A Recycle Hero is an individual who goes above and beyond when it comes to Recycling efforts on Fort Bliss. Get involved today!

  • Get involved in the Recycling Program.
  • Volunteer at events, compete in the Grand Challenge, assist with outreach, Recycle Right!
  • Have the chance to be nominated and recognized at our yearly Recycle Hero Event.