Provide leadership in ensuring a workplace environment conducive to meeting Command Policy of strict adherence and compliance with EEO laws, rules and regulations in civilian employment and training.

Fort Bliss EEO Objective:
To process complaints of discrimination in a timely manner, resolve workplace disputes at the lowest possible level; implement Affirmative Employment initiatives and identify systemic barriers and discriminatory practices that impede cultivation of diverse work force.

EEO's Functions:
• Develop and evaluate policy and issue directives and guidance pertaining to affirmative employment.
• Develop Affirmative Employment Program (AEP) Plans for minorities, women, disabled veterans, and individuals with disabilities.
• Develop policy for Special Emphasis Programs.
• Conduct Workforce Analysis and advise senior leadership on trends.
• Provide EEO related training.
• Manage the complaints processing system with an Alternate Dispute Resolution Program (Mediation).
• Sensing Sessions.
• Quarterly EEO Newsletter.

Maintaining a Discrimination-Free Workplace:
Maintaining a discrimination-free workplace require supervisors and managers to perform a variety of tasks and functions. Included among them are:
• Clearly communicating a belief in and adherence to the principles of equal opportunity for all employees.
• Taking prompt action to prevent or halt discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability.
• Making an overt effort to recruit a diverse workforce; one which includes employees drawn from sexes, as well as different racial, ethnic, age, and disability groups.
• Remaining aware of EEO responsibilities in the course of assigning and rating work, developing employees, and taking personnel action.
• Working closely with EEO and HR officials to resolve disputes promptly.

Managing Diversity:
Managing diversity refers to an inter-related set of responsibilities and functions. Included among them are:
• Actively seeking to develop a diverse workforce; one which includes a range of employees representing a variety of ethnic, racial, age, and disability groups.
• Recognizing and valuing the differences that a diverse array of people bring to the accomplishment of organizational tasks and mission.
• Promoting acceptance, cooperation, and positive attitudes towards all members of the workgroup among employees.

EEO Management Resource Guide:

Complaint Process Diagram:

Army Regulations / EEO Directives:
• AR 690-600: Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination Complaints - r690-600x.pdf
• AR 690-12: EEO and Affirmative Action - r690_12.pdf
• MD-110 Federal Sector Complaints Processing Manual - directives/md110.cfm
• 29 CFR 1614. Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity - regulations/index.cfm

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