Brigadier Andrew Ridland 

Deputy Commanding General - Maneuver, 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss

After graduating from Edinburgh University, Andrew Ridland commissioned into The Royal Green Jackets in 2000 and spent his early career specialising in both armoured and light-role infantry, seeing active service in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and two tours of Iraq. Away from the Regiment he served as ADC to GOC 5 Div and as a G3 officer in the Operations Centre of the Army Headquarters. 

Following Staff College, he spent two years in the Ministry of Defence working in Army Resources and Plans, where he was heavily involved in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review. He then commanded A Company 3 Rifles, which included an operational deployment to Afghanistan on Op Herrick 16, before taking over as Chief of Staff 20th Armoured Brigade in Germany. On promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, he attended the Joint Forces Staff College in the United States, before returning to the Ministry of Defence as Military Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Military Strategy and Operations). He then commanded 5 Rifles, an Armoured Infantry Battlegroup, which included leading the first multi-national NATO Battlegroup in Estonia on Op Cabrit 1 in 2017. On promotion to the General Staff, he served as Colonel Army Plans in the Ministry of Defence, conducting the 2020 Defence Review, before assuming the role of AH Org in the Strategic Centre of the Army Headquarters, responsible for implementing the structural changes to the British Army under Future Soldier.

He is a graduate of both U.K. and U.S. Staff Colleges, having attended the Joint Advanced Warfare School in Norfolk and has a master’s degree in Strategy and Joint Campaign Planning.