Welcome to the 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss Public Affairs home page. We are the source for information concerning Community Relations, Media Relations, and Command Information.

Our mission is simple: to keep you informed about our great community here at Fort Bliss and to highlight the operations, training, and achievements of our great Soldiers stationed here.


Media Relations

The Media Relations section assists members of the news media in reporting on Fort Bliss, ensuring the American public has access to the information they need to understand the military's role in the community, in support of the nation, and in the world. The Media Relations section is responsible for:
- Releasing information, arranging interviews, responding to media queries, and coordinating access to the installation for news media representatives,
- Inviting reporters to significant events that highlight missions, programs, or issues of interest to the public,
- Providing media awareness and media engagement training to members of the Fort Bliss community.

Reporting on Fort Bliss - High-profile military missions, high-tech military equipment, high-intensity training opportunities, our innovative installation and family support programs, and easy access to El Paso are among the many reasons local, national, and international news organizations cover activities at Fort Bliss on a regular basis.

Media Relations Office Hours - Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. Call (915) 568-7002 or (915) 568-4623.

For urgent issues after duty hours, call the Fort Bliss Operations Center at (915) 744-1255, and ask for the Public Affairs Officer on call.

Media Escort Requirements - Fort Bliss is a closed military installation. For security reasons, installation access rules require a public affairs escort to be present any time members of the media conduct news-gathering activities on post. For invited events, media should RSVP in accordance with the instructions provided in the news release to coordinate a public affairs escort onto the installation.

For other stories, news media representatives may request assistance from the Media Relations section. Requests are granted when service and DoD regulations allow.

Service members and military family members who are interested in engaging the media are encouraged to contact our office for assistance. If the story is of limited official interest, we may suggest meeting with the reporter off-base (where a public affairs escort is not required).

For stories not related to the subject's military affiliation, we can generally provide an escort onto the installation only if the story cannot be adequately reported without such access.

Please Note - Our office does not facilitate "reaction" stories (stories seeking service member or military family member reactions to issues of current interest or events) and "person-on-the-street" interviews - reporters may solicit military personnel and their families for their reactions to current events via other means, but we will not use military resources to provide an escort onto the installation for these types of stories. Possession of a military-issued ID card or visitor pass does not constitute permission to conduct newsgathering activities on any part of the installation - including family housing - without a public affairs escort. Pass-holders and/or the visitor's military sponsor may be held responsible if a pass or military ID is misused.

Command Information

The Command Information section provides news and information to members of the Fort Bliss community by producing an array of command information products for our internal audiences.

Fort Bliss News - The Fort Bliss News page is where you will find important information about our installation community, as well as feature stories about Fort Bliss service members, families and government civilians. As of November 2019, Fort Bliss no longer publishes a print newspaper.

Editorial content/submissions can be mailed to:
Garrison Public Affairs Office
ATTN: Command Information
15 Slater Road
Fort Bliss, Texas 79916
or emailed to fortblissinfo@gmail.com.

DA Photos - The DA Photos Office enables Soldiers to have their official Department of the Army photos, Chain of Command photos, and Passport photos taken. Family members travelling on official PCS Orders are also able to use the Passport photo service. Services are available by appointment only. To make an appointment, visit https://vios-west.army.mil and complete the 3903. Photography Services is located at 2021 Meiggs Road.

Social Media - Find our Facebook page here, and our Twitter feed here.

Community Relations

Community Relations programs support and sustain relationships between service members and leaders at Fort Bliss Texas and citizens of neighboring civilian communities.  Fort Bliss works closely with resident units, including 1AD, JTFN, JMC, USASMA, WBAMC, to fulfill community requests.

Community Requests - Request a guest speaker, marching unit, color guard, military equipment display, or military band. Requests should be submitted using DD Form 2536 via email or mail (see below for contact info). Most requests require a legal review and direct coordination with units - please submit requests at least 140 days prior to your event.

Aviation Requests - Aviation requests are not reviewed by Fort Bliss PAO. Use DD Form 2535 and submit directly to the service component public affairs office - Army, Air Force, Navy or Marine Corps - using the contact info listed in the directions for that form.  These requests will require six (6) months advance notice.

Disturbances caused by military training - Report noise, smoke, low-flying aircraft, or other disturbance caused by military operational activity by completing the Noise Complaint Report and emailing it to the Garrison Public Affairs Office at usarmy.bliss.1-ad.mbx.1-ad-fort-bliss-pao@mail.mil.

Submitting forms:
By mail:
Public Affairs Office,
Community Relations,
B-15 Slater Road,
Fort Bliss, TX 79916,
Phone: (915) 568-8018 or (915) 568-4601

By email: