U.S. Army poster for Energy Action Month

Army, USAG Benelux celebrate October as Energy Action Month

CHIÈVRES, Belgium – Energy and water resilience is essential at Army installations, including at U.S. Army Garrison Benelux, to sustain critical missions.

Neither could the Army achieve its mission nor its people live without energy or water supply. Assured and reliable access is key to Army readiness and this starts at the installation level.

The USAG Benelux team is continuously working on implementing technical solutions that improve energy resilience, energy conservation and energy efficiency. This goes from the establishment of the photovoltaic solar array at Chièvres Air Base to the placement of radiant heating panels at Zutendaal, through numerous energy efficiency improvements during renovation and new construction projects.

Future projects include the installation of ground source heat pumps, replacement of perimeter lighting to LED, water network repair, and more.

Even with the latest technologies and improved infrastructures, the Army’s goals cannot be met without your day-to-day collaboration. As highlighted by our Army Leadership, “We urge the Entire Army to remain mindful of energy use, reduce consumption, and promote energy resilience.”

How can you help? Open your eyes and start looking around you. If the lights in the conference room are on and no one is in there, turn them off! If the toilet or faucet is leaking, get it fixed straight away. You’re about to telework for a couple days, make sure you turn the heat down in your office and turn off or unplug everything that is not needed (monitor, coffee machine, phone charger, and so forth).

 Play your part and help us improve Energy Resilience to Give Us the #PowerToWin.

U.S. Army Garrison Benelux Directorate of Public Works