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images.pngIf you are traveling outside Belgium (see updated information about location defined by Belgian health authorities as high risk at HTTPS://DIPLOMATIE.BELGIUM.BE/EN),  then you are required to fill out THIS FORM and send it to PLFBELGIUM@HEALTH.FGOV.BE the day of your arrival.

This applies to each member of a household 16 years or older. If traveling by air, this form must be printed BEFORE BOARDING the aircraft. For more information, read the instructions on the FORM ITSELF.

Top 5 In-processing tips! 1. Make sure you have a sponsor 2. Get your in-processing checklist in advance 3. Coordinate transportation 4. Book lodging accommodations 5. Get your ID appointments

Things to know and DO in the Benelux community

Pets Icon.png PETS

Veterinary Clinic - Belgium

Bringing Pets - Belgium | Germany | The Netherlands

Kennel Services - Chièvres


School Liaison Officer - Brussels | Chièvres/SHAPE | Brunssum

Child & Youth Services (CYS) - Brussels | Chièvres/SHAPE | Brunssum

Educations Centers - Brussels | Chièvres/SHAPE | Brunssum


Brussels American School (K-12)


SHAPE American Schools - Elementary School | Middle School | High School

The Netherlands

AFNORTH International School (AIS) 

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 Inside the Gate Calendar

Outside the Gate Activities - Calendar

MWR Calendar - Brussels | Chièvres/SHAPE | Brunssum

  Leisure Travel

Transportation Icon.png Transportation

IMCOM-Europe Road Conditions

Where’s My POV? - ITV Lookup lower left

Vehicle Registration - Belgium | Germany  | The Netherlands 

Motorcycle Registration 

Driver's Licenses

Rail - Belgium | Germany |  The Netherlands

Fuel Ration Cards - Belgium| GermanyThe Netherlands

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Identification (ID) Cards