Environmental Compliance Branch

Fort A.P. Hill is committed to being an environmental steward of natural resources and protecting training lands for future generation as well as to support all military operations and civilian activities by enforcing laws and regulations that help sustain the environment of the Installation.

The mission of the Environmental Compliance Branch is to support all Fort A.P. Hill military operations and civilian activities by ensuring that the installation maintains the highest level of regulatory and environmental compliance.

The Environmental Compliance Branch provides the strategy and tools that help the Installation meet its long-term goals to conserve resources, manage hazardous materials, reduce waste, recycle, and implement other practices that successfully and cost effectively protect the environment.

Environmental Compliance Branch works to include environmental considerations in the early planning stages of all projects, thus ensuring that environmental issues do not become training distracters. The areas of responsibility include Air emissions, Environmental Compliance Officer and Assistant training, Hazardous Waste handling and disposal, Storage Tank inspection and maintenance, recycling, drinking/storm water, and performance of unit inspections for compliance.

Compliance Reports


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