Plans & Operations

  • Develops, coordinates publication and implementation of short and long range planning consistent with the Garrison and IMCOM mission

  • Solicits inputs to OPLANs from subject matter experts internal and external to the Garrison Command

  • Conducts in-progress reviews of OPLANs CONPLANs with senior management and project officers to ensure compliance with established goals and objectives prior to execution

  • Maintains professional relationship with local, state and federal agencies to ensure proper execution of any emergency operations

  • Execute Future OPS requirements during events and exercises

Law Enforcement

Fire & Emergency Services

  • During duty hours, Operates the Garrison Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

  • Provides C2 for Emergency Management response and consequence management operations

  • Establishes and executes base emergency management and destructive weather plans.

  • Serves as a functional integrator and synchronizer throughout the installation

  • Conducts mission analysis of OPORDs and Directives from Higher Headquarters

  • Coordinates and publishes USAG OPORDs and Directives

  • Coordinates and submits reports as necessary


Synchronizes with tenant organizations within the installation the highest possible level of protection for Soldiers, civilian employees and family members, as well as the information infrastructure and equipment by:

  • Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating threats and threat related information

  • Managing the installation defense in accordance with mandated Force Protection Condition's (FPCON)

  • Increasing antiterrorism awareness for military personnel, civilians and their dependents through a sound education program.