The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center is made up of a team of human resources professionals dedicated to supporting and empowering soldiers, civilians, families and veterans worldwide in an era of persistent conflict. The CPAC office is responsible for recruiting, retaining and sustaining a high quality volunteer force through innovative and effective enterprise solutions and ensures human resources readiness of the Total Army across the full spectrum of operations.


More than 330,000 men and women working in every profession imaginable – are not active duty military, but serve as an integral part of the Army team to support the defense of our nation. For appropriated job opportunities in the Ansbach community visit Army Civilian Service and USA Jobs.


Pre-Employment Requirements: All new employees must complete an OF 306 and a SF 85 (Security Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions) unless a secret/top secret clearance is required. All veterans must provide us with a DD 214 member 4 copy for all periods of active duty service. Veterans receiving compensation for a service connected disability must provide us with a SF 15 and a copy of their VA rating letter (no medical information please).

If your position requires a pre-employment physical and/or drug test you will be contacted by your servicing human resources technician to set up an appointment. More pre-employment requirements may be necessary depending on your position. Please check with your servicing human resources technician to make sure all pre-employment requirements are met before giving your current employer notice.


The documents listed to the right, under "In-Processing Packet," are all due on the day of your in-processing (official first day of work). Please print and complete the following but do NOT date the forms. You will date them after you are sworn in. Retired military will also want to complete the SF-813 (if you are new to federal service).

Current Army employees will only need to provide us with the W4, SF-1199A (DIRECT DEP), HFL 553 (LES MAILING), and a copy of your most recent LES (in order to transfer leave).

Make sure to bring your U.S. Passport, Birth Certificate or Certification of Naturalization paperwork with you to in-processing. U.S. Citizenship is a requirement for ALL Appropriated Fund (AF) federal employment.

BENEFITS INFORMATION: For employee benefits information click here.