Note! A USAREUR Driver's License is required to register a vehicle.

USAREUR Driver License Testing

The USAG Stuttgart Vehicle Registration office is managed by the Directorate of Emergency Services. Department of Defense ID cardholders in Germany (service members, family members, and assigned civilians and some contractors) are required to register their personally-owned vehicles (POV) with the U.S. Military (USAREUR). Registered vehicles are not subject to German taxes or German vehicle registration.

All shipped vehicles and used vehicles purchased in Germany must pass a safety inspection before they can be registered.

 Personnel leaving (ETS or PCS) or individuals who have lost logistical support must turn in their Stuttgart (S) or Boeblingen (BB) plates to vehicle registration (not the MP Station) prior to leaving the Stuttgart community.

You can complete renewals up to 75 days prior to your current registration expiring. This WILL NOT change the time remaining on your current registration, as the new registration will be effective from the day after your current registration expires. This ensures seamless coverage while giving you maximum flexibility to complete the process.

Vehicle Registration Services Checklists

The following checklists will help you prepare for the most common Vehicle Registration transactions. If you have questions pertaining to vehicle registration, email us:

Vehicle Inspection

 Vehicle Inspection Online Appointment 

Inspection Appointments

All CAC holders can sign up for a Privately Owned Vehicle inspection online. Customers should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their appointment time and bring a copy of their appointment confirmation. Customers who are not available at the time of their appointment will lose their appointment and a customer on the stand-by list will be seen. As a courtesy to other customers, please cancel your appointment if you are not able to attend at your scheduled appointment time.

Vehicle Inspection Online Appointment

Emissions Decal

The environmental badge for fine particles has been introduced in Germany in 2007. The obligation of bearing the environmental badge in order to drive in the environmental zones has been introduced for all cars, busses and trucks, independently of the fuel type they use or their permissible total weight. Light two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers are exempted of the obligation of bearing the environmental badge.

The environmental badge for fine particles (also named badge for fine particle in the law) is in three colors declined depending on the norm EURO of the vehicle. The registration number of the vehicle is mentioned on the badge, as well as a stamp mentioning the office of deliverance.

In Germany, a key number specify which vehicle obtains which badge depending on which emission norm. For vehicles registered abroad, this will be specified in a classification table depending on the first date of registration and on the EURO norm of the vehicle.

Please notice, that the green environmental badge will from 2018 not be the only document permitting to drive all the German environmental zones, since diesel restrictions zones or blue environmental zones will be set up. These zones will not be permanent but will be introduced depending on the weather conditions. Thus, it will be necessary to check the rights for each vehicle to drive with a green environmental badge or with a blue environmental badge on the Stuttgart Green-Zones-App in real time.

Handicap Parking card

How to get issued a handicap parking card

A handicap parking card may be displayed when authorized by appropriate officials. If approved, the handicap parking card must be hung on the rearview mirror with the silhouette of the handicap symbol facing forward. The handicap parking card will be issued once the authorized individual provides the RMV an approved copy of AE Form 190-1AW (signed by a German doctor or a doctor assigned to a facility under the Regional Health Command Europe (RHC-E)) and two passport-sized pictures of him- or herself. No fee will be charged for this initial service. A service fee will, however, be charged for replacement cards (for example, if the initial card was lost or mutilated). The individual can either provide this documentation to the local FRS or send it directly to the RMV for processing. The handicap parking card will be valid for use only on U.S. military installations and facilities in the RHC-E AOR and only for the eligibility dates indicated on the card. A permanent handicap parking card will be valid for a maximum of 4 years from the date of issue. Using DOD handicap cards off military installations in Europe is not authorized. Individuals desiring handicap cards for use off military installations must request those through German local city halls (Rathäuser).

Download Handicap Form

USAREUR Drivers License Testing

DoD ID card holders are eligible to obtain a USAREUR (United States Army, Europe) driver's license. With this license, ID card holders are authorized to drive a USAREUR-plated vehicle or other German-registered vehicles. DoD ID card holders are also eligible for fuel without paying local taxes. 

USAREUR Driver License Testing

Drivers Testing Online (CAC Required)

Fuel Ration Program (ESSO Cards) managed by the Exchagne

Requirements for GOV/TMP/NTV License

Army Accident Avoidance Course

Official Memo Sample