The PAIO mission is to focus on the Garrison delivering equitable servies; promoting continuous process improvment, Service Culture Initiative, customer feedback, strategic planning, and monitoring performance results provided through the Installation Status Report (ISR), Common Levels of Support(CLS)/Performance Assessment Review (PAR), and the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)/Voice of the Customer feedback system.   PAIO is the integrator for Garrison strategic initiatives to steer the Garrison strategy in meeting current and future needs.


The Performance Assessment Review is conducted quarterly using CLS/SSP data.  It is an enabler for the Garrison Commander to have discussions with Garrison Directors on the overall performance and execution of services. 

The Service Culture Initiative promotes customer service through engaged and caring leadership, committment to service, self-reliance, and adherence to our core values.  

Army Community of Excellence promotes, encourages, and recognizes installations that build on organizational knowledge, support a change in culture, and demonstrate a commitment to excellence in support of the Army and IMCOM's priorities.    UPDATE:  FS/HAAF is the Gold Winner and the Commander-in-Chief's Winner for the AY19 ACOE Competition.  


ICE and Voice of the Customer.  ICE is a web-bsed customer feedback system for customers to provide feedback on the programs and services provided by the Garrison.  Customers may submit feedback via the website, paper comment card, Fort Stewart Hunter Army Arifield Mobile APP, and through any Ice Comment QR Code.  Customer feedback is consoldiated monthly for satisfaction and disatisfaction trends.   

Virtual Brown Bag with the Garrison Commander 

12 MAR 2021 11:30-12:30

Garrison employees are you ready for a talk with the Garrison Commander?  Register today in order to receive the access information to the event taking place MAR 12th 1130 – 1230, via MS TEAMS.   What is MS TEAMS?  DOD’s commercial virtual remote environment.  MS TEAMS is an online video communications platform that can be accessed from your government computer/mobile device, personal tablet/ipad/home computer.  Register for a MS TEAMS account at https:/teams.microsoft.com.  Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with the Garrison Commander.  Open to all Garrison non-supervisory employees.   ClickHere

In order to better serve the audience, please enter your questions/comments no later than March 10, 2021 at the following link: SendQuestions

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