To support the military mission by conserving, protecting, restoring, and sustaining biological diversity and the ecosystem viability upon which fish and wildlife depend. This includes enhancing the quality of life for Soldiers, their Families, and civilians through quality fisheries and wildlife management.



Can anyone hunt or fish on the installation?

Yes,FS/HAAF has been open to the public for outdoor recreation since 1959.

Do I need a permit to hunt, fish or participate in other outdoor recreational activities on FS/HAAF?

Yes,you need a state of GA license and an installation permit. Hunters also need to have completed a HunterSafety Course.

How do I acquire a state of GA license?

Go to the GA Department of Natural Resources website formore information.

How much does an installation permit cost?

Itdepends on your status (civilian, military etc)? CLICK HERE for price information.

How do I acquire an installation permit?

Setup a user account on the iSportsman website (, thenacquire the appropriate permit.

Once I have set up an account and acquired my permit on iSportsman, what do I do next?

Youcan now check into and out of training areas that are open for recreation. Log in to your account, select the“checkin/checkout” button to get started.

How can I get in touch with a conservation law enforcement officer (“Game Warden”)?

Call (912) 435-2013



Primary:(912) 767-9040

Primary: (912) 767-9040

Secondary:(912) 767-2584

Secondary: (912) 767-2584

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