Conservation of endangered species.

Fort Stewart is home to 7 species that receive federal protection under the Endangered Species Act, including:

  • red-cockaded woodpecker (endangered)
  • wood stork (threatened)
  • frosted flatwoods salamander (threatened)
  • eastern indigo snake (threatened)
  • shortnose sturgeon (endangered)
  • Atlantic sturgeon (endangered)
  • smooth coneflower (endangered)


The bald eagle is no longer protected under the Endangered Species Act, but still receives federal protection under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.  CLICK HERE for more detailed information about federally protected species on Fort Stewart.


Other Species of Special Concern include; gopher tortoise, spotted turtle, southern hognose snake, striped newt, southern dusky salamander, gopher frog, Bachman’s sparrow, Henslow’s sparrow, southeastern American kestrel, Rafinesque’s big-eared bat, Agoros skipper, Say’s spiketail, and Georgia plume.


Due to proactive habitat management actions (e.g., prescribed fire, timber stand improvements, heavy-duty mowing, and artificial cavities) and annual population monitoring, there are no military training restrictions associated with the red-cockaded woodpecker, wood stork, eastern indigo snake, shortnose sturgeon, Atlantic sturgeon, or smooth coneflower.  The only training restriction associated with any endangered species or other species of special concern on Fort Stewart is that vehicle traffic is not allowed in the known breeding ponds of the frosted flatwoods salamander. These breeding ponds are marked with signs, but they are small and few in number (25 ponds totaling about 94 acres) so they don’t have a significant impact on training realism.  In general, habitat management for the benefit of listed species also improves the military training landscape by creating a more open forest with better visibility and room to maneuver.


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