For Presidio's Automated Operator call 831-242-5000


  • Due to the volume of phone calls we receive, we ask you to very carefully look at the Phone Directory on our Website to better focus your query and help us respond in an efficient, timely manner.: STAFF_DIRECTORY.pdf.
  • Our Automated Operator is available at 831-242-5000.
  • The Area Code for the Presidio of Monterey is (831) and the DSN Prefix is 768.

For those interested in visiting the Presidio please read our Procedures for Visiting or call the Visitors Center at 831-242-4222.


Public Affairs Office

1759 Lewis Rd.
Monterey, CA 93944
Email: presidiopao@gmail.com
Phone: (831) 242-5555

Email Response Policy:

We do respond to email inquiries if they are appropriate inquiries. We will acknowledge that we have received your email, and what initial action we are taking with it, within two business days. Response time to resolve the issue will depend on the issue, but we pledge to give the matter the attention it warrants.

Queries to Presidio of Monterey(POM) PAO, the proponent for POM information in public domain, should address content (including content policy) for the POM and/or POM PAO Website, or deal with other specific PAO subjects. (Due to the volume of email PAO receives, PAO cannot answer queries on non-POM/PAO-specific topics.)

Inquiries about Webpage design, navigation, network/server technical information, Website policy (other than content), and general queries involving POM should be directed to the POM Webmaster.

If you are a media representative with a query or request for interview please call (831) 242-5555.

Contact the Webmaster

Email: presidiopao@gmail.com
Phone: (831) 242-5555

Community Relations

Email: presidiopao@gmail.com
Phone: (831) 242-5555


POM/OMC Disaster Hotline

Phone: 844-469-5916

If an emergency or disaster happens here, the Disaster Hotline will be activated. Community members, as well as family members far away, may call this phone number for updates and accurate general information. During an emergency, community and family members should also visit the Presidio of Monterey on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PresidioMonterey) and "POMgarrison" on Twitter (https://twitter.com/POMgarrison) for updates. Please be aware that news media should call the Presidio of Monterey Public Affairs Office at 831-242-5555.


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Contact

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests pertaining to POM should be sent to usarmy.pom.106-sig-bde.mail.pres-asb@mail.mil.

USAG Presidio of Monterey FOIA Information Guide

A FOIA REQUEST FORM is provided as a convenience to assist you but is not required.


For Family Members trying to contact a service member at DLI:

Contact the specific branch of service or unit through the information provided on our DLIFLC and Service Units page.

For emergencies contact the American Red Cross.


For Job Opportunities available at the Presidio of Monterey please visit: