The Resource Management Office (RMO) manages financial and manpower resources by ensuring they are protected, accounted for and expended in compliance with statutory, regulatory and policy requirements.

RMO complies with the Standard Garrison Organization (SGO) structure by having a Budget and Accounting Division (RMB) and a Manpower and Agreements Division (RMM).

The Resource Management Officer is the garrison proponent for Career Programs 11 and 26.


The primary responsibilities of the Budget Branch, Resource Management Office, comprise services identified under Common Levels of Support (CLS)/Installation Status Report (ISR) #115 Program/Budget. Budget personnel administer the formulation, analysis, and preparation of all USAG Presidio of Monterey (POM) budgets; control all appropriated funds assigned to the POM funds center; provided fiscal advisory services and customer support; identify budget year requirements; execute the Contract Management Program; and provide execution reports to Directorates and customers.


  • ATAAPS Management for Garrison Employees
  • Budget and Accounting Advice
  • Budget Preparation, Justification and Execution
  • Budget Execution / Status of Funds Reports
  • Contract Management Support
  • Cost and Financial Master Data Management
  • Cost Analysis / Cost Management Maturity Model Reporting
  • Defense Travel System / Government Travel Charge Card Agency Program Coordinators
  • DTS orders and travel voucher review
  • PCS orders execution
  • General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS)
  • Government Purchase Card / US Bank Access Online Financial Managers
  • Reimbursable Accounts
  • Resource Management Training
  • Wide Area Workflow / Contract Invoice Processing Assistance
  • Program Budget Advisory Committee


The primary responsibilities of the Manpower and Agreements Branch (RMM) comprise two CLS/ISR services. Under service #116, Support Agreement/Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)/Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) Management, RMM prepares, manages and coordinates negotiations, and process support agreements and related MOUs/MOAs and ensure reimbursements are properly billed and collected. Under service #118, Installation Table of Distribution Allowances (TDA) Management, RMM plans, executes, and monitors manpower requirements and authorizations. The team provides analysis, review and updates of Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) personnel and equipment requirements and authorizations. RMM manages Garrison Information Technology requirements and Wireless Devices on a temporary basis until the Garrison is staffed for G-6 functions.


  • Personnel Requirements and Authorizations
  • Equipment Requirements and Authorizations
  • Future year manpower programming changes
  • The Army Authorization Documents System (TAADS)
  • Inter service Support Agreements / Memoranda of Agreement / Memoranda of Understanding
  • Internal Control Program
  • Garrison Organizational Defense Travel System Administrator (ODTA)
  • Defense Commercial Activities Management Information System (DCAMIS)
  • Competitive Sourcing (OMB Circular A-76)
  • Information Technology requirements and Wireless Devices (temporary until G6 function is staffed)

Financial Operations:

The primary responsibilities of the Accounting Branch (RMA), Resource Management Office are services identified under CLS/ISR #117 Management Accounting. Financial Operations personnel ensure ASA Financial Management and Comptroller financial operations goals are met. They administer the analysis and reduction of all canceling year lines of accounting; reduce and/or prevent the posting of unliquidated and negative unliquidated obligations to the POM funds center; reduce aged accounts receivable, ensure payables and receivables are properly posted, and monitor status of funds daily to avoid any over obligations. RMA maintains documentation for Statement of Budgetary Resources (SBR) Army Audit Readiness.


  • Army Audit Readiness: SBR Control Implementation and Monitoring
  • Management Accounting
  • Budget and Accounting Advice
  • Joint Reconciliation Program
  • Contingent Liability Reporting
  • Cost and Financial Data Reporting
  • General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS)
  • Unliquidated Obligation (ULO) Management
  • Unmatched Disbursement/Collection Resolution