• ___DD 214, 1059 for phase 1 (12N10 and 37F10) or previous MOS Orders
  • ___PQR (pulled from unit RLAS)
  • ___Security Clearance Verification Memo (31B and 37F)
  • ___DA Form 705 (60 days prior report date and MUST be updated on DTMS) DA Form
  • ___5500/5501 if needed
  • ___No current FLAG on the system

All courses will need to have the following

  • ___Valid state motor vehicle license
  • ___Valid Military vehicle license
  • ___Packing list Items from School House (SH) ATRRS screen
  • ___DA Form 348 or 348-1 (12N10)

All items will be provided by the student or the school may not be able to accept your reservation.

Suggested Student Items

  • ___Free Boingo Wi-Fi is available in barracks but no cable TV, students will need to provide their own Wi-Fi internet TV devices.
  • ___2 each padlocks.
  • ___Student note-taking material, highlighters, and calculator.*
  • ___Prescription medication to last the duration of your stay. 

*See School House (SH) ATRRS screen for complete details

Below is just general information, please visit the ATRRS course page or contact the school directly for more details.

POV: Students that are driving are required to report to Bldg. 240 Infantry Road prior to 1645 on the scheduled report date. Upon request, Soldiers need to be able to provide the Course Manager with their civilian driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. If you are unable to report before 1700 on the report date contact the school course manager.

AIR: Students are required to fly into San Jose International Airport (Airport code: SJC). We will NOT provide transportation from any other airport.  Upon arrival at San Jose International Airport, go to the information booth in the baggage claim area. Inform the attendant that you are a student going to Fort Hunter Liggett and you need to report to the old USO office for a contracted bus. NOT the Monterey Salinas Transit (MST) bus lines. There may be school signs providing details. Contact the School Course manager once you arrive for more accurate bus locations or pick up times. Email the course manager a copy of your itinerary two weeks prior to the report date.

USO Google Map LINK 

Departure flights MUST be scheduled after 1000 hours, from SJC Airport, on the End Date (the day after Graduation). Students will be transported to SJC airport via a contracted bus at no cost. Transportation to all other airports will be the responsibility of that students unit. POV Students will be released upon completion of out-processing and after the bus departs for airport. Early departure is not authorized.

Bring enough medication to last your entire stay at Fort Hunter Liggett. There is a small Troop Medical Clinic on post but they have very limited resources. The next closest (30 minutes one way) medical facility is Mee Memorial Hospital in King City. Be sure to alert your course manager upon arrival of your prescription status.