Before completing the work order form, please read the following instructions.

Tenant Real Property Responsibility

  • All Real Property on Ft Lee has a responsible party for being a good steward
  • When Real Property is assigned to a unit, the unit’s Facility Manager is the responsible steward
  • Facility Managers are the assigned unit’s primary point of control and signing authority for work requests and related financial obligations
  • Facility Managers may delegate DA FORM 4283 authorization signature authority by communicating to the DPW 4283 Help Desk

Use Of DA FORM 4283

  • A functional Facilities Engineering Work Request is:
    • an appropriately used DA FORM 4283
    • completely and properly filled out
    • completely processed through DPW
    • signed by a DPW Approval Authority
  • Application Characteristics:
    • exceeds the scope of a Service Order (generally contains more than 24 person-hours of labor and / or $2,500 material cost)
    • provides stricter management of resources
    • used for all key requests (requires a Physical Security stamp)
    • includes Self Help, Troop Labor, In-House, and Government Purchase Card purchased work that results in a disturbance of real property (lands, improvements, buildings, structures, and utilities)
    • all work affecting real property must be supported by a Facilities Engineering Work Request with a DPW Approval Authority signature prior to execution
    • applicable to everyone on Ft Lee (all units, directorates, special staff, tenants, and contractors)

Work Request Process

  • Whenever work on Real Property is planned, needed, or an estimate of work is needed, complete and submit a DA FORM 4283 for:
    • Work Permission
    • Estimation of Work: Scope, Schedule, or Budget
    • Design of Work: Scope, Schedule, and Budget
    • Work Execution
  • Submit Facilities Engineering Work Requests to the Ft Lee DPW 4283 Help Desk
  • For inquiries regarding submitted work request contact the Ft Lee DPW 4283 Help Desk

Initiating a DA FORM 4283

Complete PART A

  1. CUSTOMER ID - Your assigned 2 alpha character customer ID code
  2. DOCUMENT SERIAL NUMBER - The next available 5 character alpha numerical document serial number from your document log
  3. FY - The last digit of the current Fiscal Year
  4. SHORT JOB DESCRIPTION - Enter a short job description generally made up of:
    1. The work type... Repair, Estimate, Construct, etc.
    2. The work object... HVAC, roof, etc.
    3. The facility type and Bldg number.
    4. The owning unit designation. Example: Repair HVAC GP Admin Bldg 2345 36th Eng Bn.
  5. DATE - Request origination date
  8. INSTALLATIN NAME - Installation
  9. CUSTOMER NAME, POC NAME, and POC PHONE NUMBER - Enter the customer contact information
  10. WORK DESCRIPTION - Fully considered problem statement (if we are to design a solution), or a best possible defined statement of work.
  11. AUTHORIZED REQUESTOR - Enter authorized requestor name
  12. AUTHORIZED REQUESTOR SIGNATURE - Authorized CAC signature. Electronic form with CAC signatures are preferred.
  13. "Save As" your file copy and email it to

Download Work Order Form