Transition Assistance Program's mission is to provide pre-separation counseling, transition and employment assistance services to Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Soldiers and Airmen, and Department of Defense civilians who are considering or preparing to depart the military and all work age family members of each of the above groups.  The Fort Lee TAP provides assistance, identifies employment opportunities, and facilitates understanding of benefits and entitlements for those transitioning from military service.

TAP Eligibility

Basic eligibility for TAP services begins when transitioners are within eighteen months of separation or two years of retirement. Transition leave and/or permissive TDY may be added to the basic eligibility period. Service members pending "involuntary separation actions" for any reason, including potential medical separation, are eligible and encouraged to begin using TAP and transition services as soon as separation is anticipated. Alumni, their family members, and other service veterans may use TAP services for 180 days after separation. Retirees may use TAP services for life, on a space available basis.

The Fort Lee TAP Center provides transition assistance to remote transitioners in the Eastern Time Zone who reside more than 50 miles from an existing TAP Center.

Orientation and Getting Started

The Pre-separation Brief is the first step for Transitioning Service Members. This is a Congressionally mandated requirement that gives an overview of entitlements, benefits and available services. Service Members must complete the eForm 2648 as soon as possible within their eligibility window which is now 24 months for retirees and 18 months for personnel separating. This document is required for out-processing and a copy will be included in the Service Members' personnel file upon separation.

You may call or come in to the TAP Center to register and schedule the pre-separation. The preferred method is to register and complete your pre-separation online. Please see below for additional information on completing the pre-separation briefing online.

  1. Log onto the Transition Assistance Program Website - You must use your AKO user name and password to register and complete your pre-separation briefing online. Alternatively you may schedule a time to complete this training on a computer at our facility by calling 804-734-6612.
  2. Call to schedule your initial counseling 804-734-6612.

Job Fairs and Hiring Events

TAP coordinates local job fairs and hiring events for transitioning service members and veterans.

For nationwide job fairs, visit the links below:


Transition Classes

TAP also offers the following classes that ease the transition from military service into civilian life and employment:

Department of Labor Employment Workshops
During this three-day class, participants draft resumes, prepare for job interviews, learn how to dress for success, increase their networking skills, discover effective job search techniques, and translate their military specialties into civilian skills.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Class 
During this eight-hour class, participants learn how to apply for VA education and individual medical benefits, understand the disability compensation process, and hear about the VA's home loan program, life insurance, health care services, and employment resources.

Small Business Administration Workshops
During this two-day class, participants receive a step-by-step guide to start a business. Topics include how to write an effective business plan, choose an appropriate legal structure, purchase business insurance, obtain a loan, design a website, build a successful marketing and sales plan, and manage the records.


Useful Links

Career Skills Program (CSP)

The Army Career Skills Program (CSP) affords transitioning Soldiers the opportunity to participate in first class apprenticeships, on-the-job training (OJT), employment skills training (EST), and internships up to 180 days prior to separation from the Army with a high probability of employment in high-demand and highly-skills jobs.

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