Contact Information

Chief, Student Records Branch
(804) 734-7766

Chief, Student Management Branch
(804) 734-6983

Required Documents for In-processing

All Soldiers need the following documents to in-process at the Soldier Support Center:

  1. Seven copies (7) of orders and amendments, as applicable; orders must list Fort Lee, VA as the duty location
  2. Current DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data
  3. Current Service Members Group Life Insurance (SGLI) signed by Soldier and a witness
  4. Seven copies of DD Form 1610, Request for TDY Travel, if applicable
  5. Copy of enlistment contract
  6. Seven copies (7) of MEPS orders which include home of record address (National Guard/Reserve Soldiers)

If you do not have the above documentation, go to your AKO account and print a copy to bring with you to in-processing.

Additional Inprocessing Information